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Q1 2011

Industry Report

Set-top Boxes and Residential Gateway Middleware and Applications

Set-top Box and Residential Gateway Middleware and Applications analyzes the status, trends, and future direction of the global market for set-top box (STB) and residential gateway middleware and applications. This report examines the technologies, vendors, standards, and solutions for set-top and gateway systems prevalent in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and other global markets. The report explores deployment issues, the shift to “cloud-based” services, the growth of web-based solutions, trends in applications and their development, and support. The report also provides a global forecast for STBs and residential gateway systems as well as implications for operators and solution providers.


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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

1.3 Definition of Global Regions

1.4 Glossary of Terms

2.0   Market Analysis

2.1 Set-top Boxes and Residential Gateways

2.2 Platform Standards

2.2.1    DVB

2.2.2    MHP / GEM

2.2.3    OCAP, Tru2way, and EBIF

2.2.4    DOCSIS

2.2.5    Hybrid Set-top Boxes

2.3 Middleware Providers

2.4 Middleware Deployments

2.4.1    Deployment Process

2.4.2    Integrated Solutions vs. Best-of-Breed

2.4.3    Business Models

3.0   Technology and Trends

3.1 Hardware

3.2 Evolution of Middleware into “the Cloud”

3.3 Open APIs, Web-based Solutions, and HTML 5

3.4 Accessing Content from Multiple Sources

3.5 Multiscreen Delivery & Mobile Convergence

3.6 Application Trends

4.0   Forecast

4.1 Set-top Box and Residential Gateway Forecasts

5.0   Implications and Recommendations

5.1 Operators / Service Providers

5.2 Solution Providers

Industry Sources for the Report
Global Forecast Regions
System Architecture with Basic Middleware
Set-top Box vs. Residential Gateway Middleware
Current Versions of MHP
Selected Middleware Solution Providers
Middleware Deployment Factors
Trends in SoC Hardware Functionality
Optional Set-top Box Middleware
Selected Chipset Providers
Set-top Box Client-Server Middleware Architecture
Appeal of Pay TV Features
Use of Other Content Sources by US Consumers
Potential Sources of Video Content
Appeal of Multiscreen Features
Trends in Applications
Global Digital Pay TV Set-top Box Forecast Methodology
Global Residential Gateway Forecast Methodology
Global Pay TV Set-top Box Annual Shipment Forecast
Global Residential Gateway Annual Shipment Forecast

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