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Q2 2010

Industry Report

Mobile Internet Devices: Uptake and Trends

This report analyzes the emerging market for mobile Internet devices (MIDs). It covers e-book readers, portable media players, iPad, digital photo frames, PNDs, PDAs, and digital cameras. The report explores each device group’s feature trends, content options, and distribution channels. It also includes discussion on the role of the mobile carrier and related business models. The report concludes with a five-year outlook of MID sales and the analyst’s view of its role in consumers’ digital life.


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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

1.3.1    Sources of Information

1.3.2    Definitions and Classifications

2.0   Mobile Internet Device Market Overview

2.1 Mobile Broadband Growth and Impact on MIDs

2.2 e-Book Reader Market Trends

2.2.1    e-Book Reader Hardware and Applications

2.2.2    e-Book Publishers, Retailers, and Distributors

2.2.3    e-Book Format and Pricing Trends

2.3 Portable Multimedia Platforms

2.3.1    PMPs and Tablet Computers

2.3.2    Internet-Connected Digital Photo Frames

2.3.3    Connected PDAs, PNDs, and Digital Cameras

2.4 Smartphone’s Impact

2.5 Industry Growth Drivers and Barriers

2.5.1    Business Model Analysis

2.5.2    MID Market Drivers and Barriers

3.0   Technology Analysis

3.1 Wi-Fi versus WWAN

3.2 Chipset Design

3.3 Display Technology Trends

4.0   Market Forecasts

4.1 Current Adoption

4.2 Forecast Methodology

4.3 Sources of Information

4.4 MID Sales Forecasts: Five-year Projection

5.0    Market Implications and Recommendations

Global 3G+ Mobile Subscriber Projection: 2009-2013
Mobile Operators’ Initiatives to Drive Mobile Broadband Usage
Consumers’ Interest in Wireless Connectivity on CE Products
Devices for e-Book Reading
U.S. Consumer Brand Preference for e-Book Reader Devices
List of e-Book Reader Devices
e-Books as a Percentage of Total Trade Sales, 2002-2009
Estimated Net Book Sales by Categories in the U.S., 2007-2009
Book Publisher Market Shares: 2009
U.S. Readership Trends
Cumulative Apple iPod Touch Shipments (3Q07-4Q09)
Network Connected PMPs
Mobile Internet Tablet
Network Connected Digital Photo Frames
Connected PDAs and PNDs
Smartphones Cannibalizing Sales of Other Portable CE Devices
Amount that Consumers Are Willing to Pay for Anytime/Anywhere Wireless
Emerging Mobile Content Enablers/Aggregators
Major End-to-End Service Platform Enablers
Forecasts of Global Wi-Fi Households
MID Design Wins by Intel’s Atom Processor
ARM-Based MID Chipset Vendors
Estimates of Worldwide MID Shipments 2008-2009
Estimates of Global Shipments of MIDs with an Embedded Mobile Wireless Modem
Global MID Sales Forecast Methodology
List of Companies Interviewed
Worldwide MID Unit Sales Forecast 2010-2014
Worldwide MID Sales Forecast Breakdown 2010-2014
Worldwide Sales Forecast Breakdown of MIDs with an Embedded Wireless Modem 2010-2014

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