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Q2 2008

Industry Report

Aftermarket Entertainment: Universal Remote Controllers (Second Edition)

This report addresses the growing need and market for mid-level and high-level universal remote controllers. The report includes 2008 forecasts, market drivers, the consumer purchase process for URCs, key decision factors, consumer adoption, demographic and brand data on owners and intenders from consumer and distribution surveys. It also addresses changing distribution structures and marketing efforts including installing dealer brand and remote preferences, and profiles of selected companies leading or innovating in this category.

“U.S. households are spending more on their entertainment equipment as well as on content options than in the past,” said Tricia Parks, CEO of Parks Associates. “So, spending some hundreds of dollars on a URC that allows easier use and management of their home theater systems makes more sense to them than in the past. There is a middle market for advanced universal remotes now emerging that will continue to see growth for at least the next 5-7 years.”


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The Bottom Line

1.0   Aftermarket Universal Remote Controls: Definition and Pricing

2.0   URC Ownership and Purchasing

3.0   The Aftermarket URC Purchase Process

4.0   The Purchase Process for URCs

5.0   The Role of Brand and Brands Purchased in 2007 Internet Households

6.0   URC Unit and Revenue Forecasts 2007-2012

7.0   The International Marketplace

Resource Book

1.0   Introduction to the Resource Book

2.0   Aftermarket URCs in 2007

2.1 The Demographics of URC Ownership and 2007 Purchasers

2.1.1 The Demographics of URC Ownership

2.1.2 The Demographics of 2007 URC Purchasers

2.1.3 A Summary of Demographics

2.1.4 Prices Paid for Aftermarket URCs in 2007

2.2 Purchase Factors and Process for URCs

2.2.1 The Shopping Process

2.2.2 Features and Core Factors Important to Buyers

2.2.3 Information Findings and Differentiators for and in the URC Purchase Process

2.2.4 Product Ownership and Product Purchase for 2007 URC Buyers

2.2.5 Brands and Aftermarket URCs

3.0   Distribution of URCs

3.1 Installing Dealers

4.0   URC Sales and Forecasts (Revenues and Units)

5.0   International Landscape for Aftermarket URCs

6.0   Competitor Landscape and Profiles

6.1 AMX

6.2 Control4

6.3 Logitech Harmony

6.4 Philips Home Control

6.5 Universal Electronics

6.6 URC

6.7 Other URC Players and Innovators

The Bottom Line

Pricing for Aftermarket URCs by Segment
Aftermarket URC Retail Pricing May 2008
Percentages of URCs at Retail by Price Category
Number of URCs in U.S. Broadband Households
Prices Paid by 2007 URC Purchasers in U.S. Internet Households
Summary Characteristics of 2007 URC and Non-URC Buyers
Salient Demographic Differences between BB Household URC Buyers and Non-Buyers
A Comparison of Attitudes between 2007 URC Buyers and Non Buyers
A Comparison of Selected CE Purchases by BB Household URC and Non-URC Buyers
Comparisons of Shopping Triggers between Basic and Advanced URC Buyers in BB Households
The Importance of URC Features by URC Price
A Comparative View of Brand Importance by Specific Product
2007 URC Brands Purchased
Preferred Brands among Installing Dealers
Unit and Revenues 2007
Unit Sales Forecast by Segment 2007-2012
URC Revenue Forecast by Segment 2007-2012
Internet and Home Theater Penetration in Selected International Households
2007 Statistics for Selected Nations

Resource Book

Aftermarket URC Purchases in 2007
The Number of URCs in U.S. Broadband HHs - 2007
Breakout of U.S. Households by Internet Segment 4Q 2007
Aftermarket URC Buyers and Price Paid
Price Paid by 2007 URC Purchasers in Internet HHs
Household Income of Internet Households - URC Owners vs. Non Owners
Comparison of Children at Home in Internet Households - URC Owners and Non-owners
Number of Adults in URC Owner and Non-owner Households
HH Income in Internet Household URC Segments
Head of Households Ages in URC Segments
Children at Home in URC Household Segments
Marital Status in URC Household Segments
Home Theater Ownership in Internet HH URC Segments
Video Downloading among Internet HH URC Segments
Download Activities in Internet HH URC Segments
Demographics of URC Purchasers in Internet HHs 2007
Demographics of 2007 URC HHers Purchasers in Broadband Households
Telling Demographics for 2007 BB HH URC Purchasers
Summary Demographics of 2007 URC Segments for Internet HHs
The Purchase Process Phases and Triggers
Trigger to URC Purchase Consideration
Trigger for Active Shopping for URCs
Trigger for URC Actual Purchase
Important Features for 2007 BB URC Buyers
The Importance of Various Features to 2007 URC BB Buyers at Greater and Less than $50
Importance of URC Features at Greater or Less than $15
Importance of Product Factors to 2007 BB URC Buyers at Greater Than and Less than $50
The Importance of Brand as Purchase Factor across Product Categories Purchased
First Information Source for URC Shoppers
Top Three Important Information Sources for URC Shoppers
What Will Change at Next Purchase
Differing Attitudes: 2007 URC Purchasers vs. Purchasers of All Products Researched
2007 BB HH URC Purchasers vs. All BB HH Purchases of These Products
Selected Product Ownership Percentages among 2007 URC Buyers and Non-buyers
Comparison of Selected Product Purchases by 2007 URC Buyers and Non-buyers
Attitudes of 2007 BB HH URC Buyers vs. Non-buyers
Familiarity Ratings for Selected Products by 2007 BB URC Buyers and All BB HHs
High Rating Comparison for “Benefit to me personally” of 2007 BB HH URC Buyers vs. All BB HHs
High Rating Comparisons of Familiarity, Benefits, and Ownership – BB HH URC Buyers vs. ALL BB HHs
URC Brands Reported Purchased in 2007 by U.S. Internet HH
Brand Purchases Reported by 2007 URC Buyers in Internet HHs
URC Purchase Locations for BB HHs Buying in 2007
Selected URCs at Wal-Mart and Target
Selected URC Offerings at Circuit City
Select URC Offerings at BestBuy
Examples of Installing Dealer URC Offerings
URC Brand Offered by Installing Dealers
URC Brands Preferred by Installing Dealers
U.S. Housing Starts 2005-2009
Average Number of URCs Sold Per Control Installation
Average Remote Control Price (including programming) for Installing Dealers
Parks Associates’ Aftermarket URC Forecast (Mid-Level to Advanced)
Comparisons of the 2007 and 2008 Aftermarket URC Forecasts
Unit Sales for Aftermarket Universal Remote Controllers 2007-2012
Aftermarket Universal Remote Controller Revenues 2007-2012
Context for Analyzing URC Opportunity
Penetration of Internet and Home Theater in GDL Nations
Total Aftermarket URC Unit Sales for 5 Major W. European Nations and Scandinavia
Combined Revenues from Aftermarket URCs at End-user Price for 5 W. European Nations and Scandinavia
Aftermarket URC Unit Sales in Chinese Internet Households
Aftermarket URC Revenues for China by Segment

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