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Q4 2022

Industry Report

Connected Health at Home: State of the Market

The COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting pressure on the medical industry have led to many changes across the regulatory and reimbursement space, accelerating innovative technology deployments and demand among consumers and medical practitioners. This report investigates the new state of the connected health market, including telehealth solutions, remote patient monitoring, and consumer connected health products. The report identifies top business opportunities for health applications in the connected home landscape and includes a five-year forecast of connected health devices sold direct-to-consumer.


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Bottom Line

Changing Environment for Connected Health

Consumer Use and Perception of Telehealth and RPM

Physician Adoption and Willingness to Participate in Virtual Care

Regulation and Reimbursements

Changing Businesses: Trends in Telehealth and RPM

Telehealth and Remote Consultation Market Trends

Emergence of Virtual-First Primary Care and Focus on Integrative Care

Remote Patient Monitoring and Connected Health Devices

Home Care & Hospital at Home

Changing Market Trends in the Post-Pandemic World

Macro-Economic Impact and Slowing Demand

Data Privacy and Security: GDPR & Similar Rulings

Solution Fragmentation a Growing Challenge for Providers

Market Sizing and Forecast

Forecast Assumptions

Conclusions and Top Trends to Watch




Telehealth Service Usage Among US Internet HHs, 2019 to 2022
Top Telehealth Service Channels
Drivers and Barriers to Telehealth Adoption
Telehealth Service Modalities
Average Number of Connected Health Devices Owned Per Internet Household
Consumer-Reported RPM Participation in Past 12 Months
US Investments in Digital Health
Connected Health Device Forecast

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