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Residential Security

Q4 2017

Industry Report

Home Security: Market Sizing and Forecasts

The residential professionally monitored security channel enjoyed a resurgence from 2013 to 2016. Will sales level out as pent-up demand is served? In this report, Parks Associates forecasts professionally monitored and self-monitored security systems sales in the U.S. as well as total security adoption. We also forecast annual unit sales of professionally installed versus self-installed security systems. We provide unit and revenue forecasts for each market segment as well as the total value of professional and fee-based self-monitoring security services. In addition, we forecast smart home controller attachment to security.


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1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of Report

1.2          Scope of Report

1.3          Research Approach/Sources

2.0          Factors Driving or Inhibiting Security System Adoption

3.0          Overall Residential Security Adoption

4.0          Professionally Monitored Home Security

4.1          Professional Monitoring by Households

4.2          Average Recurring Monthly Revenue

4.3          Professional Monitoring by Installation Method

4.4          Professional Monitoring by Add-on Services

5.0          Self-Monitored Home Security

5.1          Self-Monitoring by Households

5.2          Recurring Monthly Revenue for Self-Monitored Fee-Based Security

5.3          Self-Monitoring by Installation Method

5.4          Self-Monitoring by Add-on Services

6.0          Equipment and Monitoring Revenues

7.0          Forecast Methodology

8.0          Appendix

8.1          Glossary

8.2          Index

8.3          Image Sources

Factors Important to the Adoption of Security Systems
Presence and Type of Security System – All U.S. Households (2017)
Forecast of Broadband Households with and without Security System (2017-2021)
Professional Monitoring of U.S. Households with and without Broadband (2017-2021)
Forecast of Average Monthly Fee for Professional Monitoring (2017-2021)
Forecast of Professionally Monitored Households by Installation
Forecast of Professionally Monitored Security by Add-on Services (2017-2021)
Forecast of Professionally Monitored Security Systems with Add-on Products (2017-2021)
Forecast of Percentage and Units of Self-Monitored Security Systems (2017-2021)
Forecast of Average Monthly Fee for Self-Monitored Fee-Based Security Systems (2017-2021)
Forecast of Self-Monitored Security by Installation Method (2017-2021)
Forecast of Self-Monitored Security Systems with Home Controls (2017-2021)
Forecast of Total Residential Security Industry Revenues (2017-2021)
Flowchart for Security System Sales and Adoption Forecast
Forecast Flowchart for Security Industry Revenues

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