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Residential Security

Q4 2015

Industry Report

The New Face of Home Security - 2015 Edition

This report analyzes the issues, opportunities, and challenges facing the many companies seeking a piece of the U.S. marketplace for security systems and their smart home adjacencies. It provides a working knowledge of today’s U.S. residential security system market, its players, and the consumers who have adopted security.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

1.4        Key Questions Addressed

2.0        Executive Summary

Smart Home in the Security Market

Security Market Drivers and Inhibitors

Profiling the Security Customer

Market Outlook & Industry Strategies

3.0        Players in the Residential Security Industry

3.1        Professional Monitoring Providers

3.2        Security Manufacturers

4.0        Residential Security and the U.S. Household

4.1        Security Systems in Owned Homes vs. Rentals and Single-Family Detached Homes vs. Others

4.2        The Importance of Household Income to Security Adoption

4.3        The Presence of Security Systems by Home Size

4.4        Installation Method Used by Broadband Households with Active Security System

4.5        Technology Attitude in U.S. Broadband Households with Security Systems

4.6        The Effect of Geography and Area Type on Security Adoption

5.0        The Dealer Channel for Residential Security

5.1        Security Dealer Revenue

5.2        The Security Dealers’ Business Metrics and Views

5.3        Business Challenges

5.4        Security Dealers’ View on Security System Most Valued Features

5.5        Customers’ Most-valued Remote Control and Monitoring Capabilities

5.6        Average Installations per Month (2013–2015 estimate)

5.7        Adoption of Interactive Services

5.8        Most-Used Interactive Service Provider

5.9        Top Factors for Security Dealers Selecting an Interactive Service Provider

5.10      Preferred Security System Manufacturers

6.0        Forecasts for Residential Security

6.1        Forecast Methodology

6.2        The Overall Residential Security Landscape

6.3        Professionally Monitored U.S. Households – The Numbers

6.4        Smart Home Control with Professionally Monitored Security

6.5        Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) for U.S. Security Monitoring by Type

6.6        Professionally Installed versus Self-Installed Security Sales for Professionally Monitored U.S. Households

6.7        Attrition

6.8        Total Systems Sales: All Types of New & Replacements

6.9        Revenues for the Forecast Period

7.0        Appendix

7.1        Glossary

7.2        Index

Residential Security in U.S. Broadband Households Q2 2015
% of Dealer Installs Including Smart Home Devices (2013 – 2015)
Driver & Inhibitors to the Adoption of Monitored Security
Composite of the Typical Monitored Security Family
A Conceptual View of Professional Monitoring Adoption by U.S. Households
Consumer Reported Professional Monitoring Providers for Primary Homes
Consumer Satisfaction with Professional Monitoring by Provider
Relationship with Provider Prior to Acquiring Bundle
Security Dealers’ First and Second Most Preferred Security Systems
Market Share for 2014 U.S. Residential Security System Sales
Profiles of Select Security Providers
Key Characteristics of Households with a Security System
Security System Households by Own/Rent Home
Percentage of All Active Security Systems by Housing Type
The Presence of A Security System by Household Income
Relative Likelihood of Having a Security System by Household Income
The Effect of Size on Security System Adoption
Methods of Installation by U.S. Security System Owners
Attitudes Towards Technology Among Owners & Non-owners of Security Systems
Examples of High Tech Adoption by Security Households
Regional Differences in Security System Adoption
Percentage of Monitored Security and Non Security System Households by Geography
Security Dealers Expected Revenue Change 2013-2014
2015 SDM Top 100 Top 10
Security Dealer Self-Reported Revenues 2013 – 2015
Security Dealers’ Top Three Attributes for Security Panels
Top Two Challenges for Security Dealers
Most Valued Customer Features of All Types Beyond Intrusion Detection and Alert
Dealer Selected Top Three Remote Capabilities Valued by Customers
2015 Average Number of Security Systems Installed Per Month
Percentage of Security Dealers Offering Interactive Security Services and Smart Home
The Percentage of Security System Sales with Smart Home Equipment
Most Used Interactive Service Provider by Security Dealers
Security Dealers’ Top Two Factors When Selecting an Interactive Security Provider
Security Dealers’ Preferred Security System
First and Second Most Preferred System by Dealer Revenues
Flowchart for Security System Forecast
Forecast Flow Chart for Security Industry Revenues
Presence & Type of Security Systems in U.S. Households
All Monitored U.S. Broadband Households
Professionally Monitored U.S. Households – The Numbers
Total Percentage Adoption and Units of Professionally Monitored Security with Smart Home
Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) 2014-2019
Professionally Installed vs. Self-installed Security Systems 2014 - 2019
Attrition 2014-2019
Total System Sales 2014- 2019
Total Residential Security Revenues for Primary Homes 2014-2019

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