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Residential Security

Q2 2010

Industry Report

Home Systems: Home Security - Analysis and Forecasts

This report provides an overview of the residential security market. It includes an assessment of the recent, current, and mid-term future market, consumer data on monitored security households, a review of dealer activities and challenges, briefs on selected industry players for equipment and monitoring, market forecasts for U.S. residential security, and scenarios for the future, including potential catalysts and inhibitors to market health.

”Some industry leaders declare the security market to be recession proof, but it is not in terms of acquiring new customers and avoiding higher-than-typical loss of existing monitoring subscribers,” said Tricia Parks, CEO. “It may be recession resistant. Its core customers are not leaving, and the industry has been able to raise its monthly fees by over 10% since late 2007.”


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The Bottom Line

Data Points

Home Systems: Home Security – The Dashboard

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

1.3.1    Source of Data

1.3.2    Glossary of Terms

2.0   U.S. Market Overview: Home Security

2.1 U.S. Home Security Market Status

2.2 Market Forces

2.2.1    Inhibitors and Catalysts for Security    Housing Starts:    Sales of Existing Homes    Migration:    Crime Rates    Economic Conditions    Personal Experience    Geographic and Housing Type

2.2.2    Trends and Innovations    IP Based Platforms    Energy Monitoring and Control

3.0   Home Security: Industry Players

3.1 Hardware Manufacturers

3.2 Monitoring Providers

3.3 Emerging Innovators: IP Based Solutions

4.0   Home Security and Its Consumers

4.1 Home Security Sizing 2010

4.1.1    Segmenting for Risk Identification

4.1.2    Security Hardware Plays Second Fiddle to Service Provider

4.1.3    Monitoring Fee Increases

4.1.4    Features in Security Households and Their Value to Users

4.1.5    Satisfaction with Current Providers

4.1.6    Likelihood of Discontinuing Security Monitoring Service

4.1.7    Appeal and Future Intentions

4.1.8    Energy with Security Monitoring - An Emerging Service Addition?

5.0   Home Security: Dealers

5.1 Market Conditions for Dealers

5.2 Security Dealers’ System Offerings

6.0   Home Security: Forecasts and Methodology

7.0   Recommendations

Selected Home Security Definition
Housing Starts: History and Forecasts 1987 - 2014
A Comparison of Dangerous States to Rates of Installed Security Systems
Burglaries by Year 1992-2008
Crime in the U.S. with Recession Years Highlighted
U.S. GDP vs. Net Growth Rate for Monitored U.S. HHs
Security Systems by Geographic Type
Selected Concept Examples for Security System Benefit Expansion
Source: SDM’s 2009 Top Seventeen Providers (
Briefs on Selected Active Monitoring Companies
Percentage of U.S. Households with Security Systems, Monitored and Not Monitored
Average End-User Prices Paid for Security Systems 2009
Length of Time for Monitoring Among BB HHs
Core Monitoring Customers vs. Newcomers
Demographics of Monitoring Customers by Segment
Likelihood of Discontinuing Monitoring
Brands of Security Hardware in Monitored Security Households
Hardware Brands in Monitored Security Households
Monitoring Share by Provider
Features Present in Current Monitored Security Households
Top Six Monitoring Security Service Features
Top Six Desired Features among Security Households without Features Now
Most Valuable Current Security System Feature
Satisfaction with Security Provider
NPS Score for Security Provider
NPS by Security Customer Segment
Likelihood of Acquiring a Security System
Likelihood of Acquiring Monitoring Among Security System Intenders
Appeal of and Interest in Adding Energy Monitoring to Security Monitoring
Types of Systems Sold by Security Dealers
Types of Locations Served by Security Dealer Respondents
Respondent Dealers’ Role in Hardware Selection
Respondents’ Role in Choosing Monitoring Affiliation
Responding Dealers’ Positions in Company
Average 2009 Annual Sales for Security Dealers
Percentage of Installations in Single Family and MDU Dwellings
Dealer Revenues: Expected and Achieved 2009- 2010
Dealers Out of Business
Type of Security System Installed
Security Dealers: Length of Monitoring Contracts
Technologies Deployed by Security Dealers
Features Offered by Security Dealers beyond Intrusion Alert
Security Dealers’ View of Customers’ Most Valued Features
Equipment Offered by Security Dealers
Likelihood of Adoption IP-Based Systems by Security Dealers
Costs for Average and Basic Security Systems
Percentage of End User Costs for Hardware
Preferred Brand of Security Panel
Frequency of Objections Encountered by Security Dealers
Forecast Flow Chart
Housing Starts
Forecast for 2010 Residential Security Revenue
Total Security and Monitoring Revenues 2009 -2014

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