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Residential Security

Q4 2013

Industry Report

The New Face of Home Security: Forecasts and Players

The New Face of Home Security analyzes changes to the home security industry compared to five years ago and posits continuing change for five years hence. The analyses include changes to products and services, distribution channels, and players and positions, including broadband service providers and other potential disruptors.

Forecasts are updated with notes explaining any changes and presents Parks Associates’ view of the optimal approach to targeting consumers for now through 2015.


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Data Points

The Bottom Line

Residential Security Dashboard

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of the Report

1.2 Scope of the Report

1.3 Data Sources

2.0   Trends and History for Residential Security

2.1 History and Trends for the Coming Years

2.2 Current Industry Status and Trends

3.0   US Residential Security 2013

3.1 Market Status

3.2 Where are the Security Systems?

4.0   Who Has and Wants Security Systems

4.1 Householders with Security Systems

4.2 Householders with Intentions to Adopt Security

5.0   The Changing Security Industry

5.1 Rankings for Traditional Security System Firms

5.2 The Broadband Service Provider Security Numbers

5.3 The Role of Smart Home for Security

5.3.1    Attrition: Strategies for its Reduction

5.3.2    Improving and Evolving the Value Proposition

5.3.3    The Appeal of Greenfields and New Players

5.3.4    Smart Home – At the Beginning

5.3.5    The Security Dealer Perspective

6.0   Selected Provider Profiles

7.0   Residential Security Forecasts

8.0   Recommendations

9.0   Glossary

Selected Companies and Types of Companies Researched or Interviews
Conceptual Timeline for Residential Security
New Housing Starts 1960 - 2013
New and Existing Home Sales 1994-2011
Security Systems in US Broadband Households
US Home Health Service Opportunities
Images of Popular Security Touchscreens
Security Systems in Owned Broadband Households 2013
Where are Security Systems in US Broadband Households?
Adoption of Housing by Rural, Suburban and Urban Housing
The Impact of Home Size on Security System Adoption
Security System Adoption by Region
Diverse Home Values by Metro Areas
Security Adoption in Owned Home by Household Income
Demographics of Homeowners with and without Security Systems
Comparing Tech Product Ownership between Security and Non-security Households
Monitor and Control of Security System by Length of Ownership
High Intentions to Adopt Security in the Next 12 Months
High Intentions for Security Adoption by Intent to Move
Selected Announcements for Smart Home, including Security
SDM 100 Top 15
Share Reported for Security Providers among Homeowners with Broadband and Monitored security
Professional Monitoring Providers in US BB HHs
Security System Estimates for Broadband Service Providers
Professional Monitoring Rates in Owned Homes by Length of Security System Ownership
% of All Security Systems by Length of Ownership and by % of All BB HHs
Images of AT&T Digital Life and ADT Pulse
Typical Security with Smart Home Offerings from Broadband Service Providers.
A Stepladder of Increasing Capabilities for Smart Home
Future Capabilities for Smart Home
Percentage of Security Dealers by Revenues
Security Dealer Revenue Expectations for 2013
The Percentage of Security Dealers Selling Security Systems with Smart Home Components
Security Dealer Expectations for Remote Monitoring and Control Components
Top Reasons Security Dealers Offer Remote Monitoring and Control
Selected Profiles
Flowchart for Security System Forecast
Forecasting Security Industry Revenues
Security Systems in US Broadband Households 2013
Total New Security Systems Sales, Including Replacements
Fee-Based Monitored Security in US BB HHs (2012-2017)
Fee-based Monitored Security Systems
Cumulative Sales of Smart Home Controllers with Security Systems 2012-2017
Total Revenues for Residential Security and Monitoring
Service Provider Revenue Options

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