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Residential Security

Q4 2019

Quantified Consumer

DIY Disruption: Smart Products and Home Security

Protection of loved ones and property are universal needs, and specific smart products seek to provide peace of mind for consumers, performing a similar role as home security systems. Particularly viable smart home devices that help to address security needs include networked cameras and access control devices. This research explores the home security market including current state of adoption and preference for self-installable solutions, consumer interest in smart home products that address security needs, and the impact of these solutions on the traditional security industry.


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Consumer Analytics: Residential Security Track

Key Questions Answered

Survey Methodology

Defining Heads of Broadband Households

Definitions and Abbreviations

Reading Parks Associates Charts

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Industry Insight: DIY Security System Definitions

Industry Insight: Home Security Positioning

Key Findings and Market Impact

Security System Landscape

Home Security System Ownership (2014 - 2019)

Home Security System Ownership: Professional vs. Self-Monitored Services (Q2/19)

Market share by security market segment

Installation Method

Installation Method for Home Security System (Q2/19)

Installation Method of Home Security System by Age of the System (Q2/19)

Reasons for Professionally Installing Security System (Q2/19)

Reasons for Self-installing Security System (Q2/19)

Important Security System Features During Purchase by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Purchase Channel by Installation Method of Security System (Q2/19)

Past Ownership of Home Security System by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Installation Method of Current Home Security System by Previously Owned Home Security System (Q2/19)


Purchase Drivers of Self-installed Security System (Q2/19)

Discovery Channel for Self-installed Security System (Q2/19)

Brand of Self-installed Security System Owned (Q2/19)

Ease of Self-installing Home Security System (Q2/19)

Length of Time to Complete Home Security Self-installation (Q2/19)

User Experience of Security Notification from Self-installed Home Security System (Q2/19)

Frequency of Receiving Security Notification from Self-Installed Home Security System (Q2/19)

Professional Monitoring

Professional Monitoring Service Subscription (2014 - 2019)

Professional Monitoring Service Subscription by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Length of Continuous Professional Monitoring Service Subscription by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Past Ownership of Self Monitored Security System (Q2/19)

Recent Change to Professional Monitoring Service by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Reasons for Cancelling Professional Monitoring Service by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Reasons for Switching Professional Monitoring Service by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Reasons for Subscription to Professional Monitoring Service (Q2/19)


Households with Self-Monitoring (2014 - 2019)

Self-Monitoring by Installation Method (Q2/19)

Reasons for Choosing Self-Monitored Security System Over Professionally Monitored Security System (Q2/19)

Alternative Consideration While Purchasing Self-Monitored Security System (Q2/19)

Reasons for Choosing Selected Self-Monitored Security System Over other Alternatives (Q2/19)

Attitudes Toward Self-Monitored Home Security System (Q2/19)

Monitoring Intentions

Likelihood of Making Security-Related Purchase (Q2/19)

Appealing Features of Professionally Monitored Services (Q2/19)

Self-Monitored Security Systems Intention (Q2/19)

Demographic Breakdown of Security System Intenders (Q2/19)

Installation Method Intentions

Future Installation Preference of Security System (Q2/19)

Appealing Factors of Professionally Installing a Security System (Q2/19)

Appealing Factors of Self-installing a Security System (Q2/19)

DIY Smart Home Devices: Security System Alternatives

Smart Safety & Security Device Ownership By Security System Ownership (Q2/19)

Smart Safety and Security Device Purchase Channel (Q2/19)

Intention to Purchase Smart Safety and Security Devices Security System Ownership (Q2/19)

Installation Method (Q2/19)

Importance of Benefits Driving Purchase of Smart Security Devices (Q2/19)

Importance of Benefits Driving Purchase of Smart Safety and Security Devices (Q2/19)


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