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Q4 2023


Smart Home Tracker 2023 - Q3 Market Update

This product is part of the Smart Home Market Tracker service. Contact Parks Associates for info on subscribing to this service.

The Smart Home Market Tracker helps companies stay informed with Market Sizing and Quarterly Updates focused on the smart home market.

  • Strategic assessment of market changes, current announcements, and new products.
  • Up-to-date analysis of the impact of events on the competitive landscape
  • Insights into strategies of key players
  • Evaluation of events in the context and broader market trends
  • Identification of market, partnership, and revenue opportunities

Key Benefits:

  • Size of key smart home markets and submarkets
  • Five-year forecasted growth of key smart home markets and submarkets
  • Important trends shaping the market
  • Impactful product announcements
  • Partnerships and acquisitions from major players
  • Major market moves in each product category
  • Competitive analysis for each product category
  • Access to Parks Associates analyst team

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