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Q4 2016

Industry Report

Smart Home Controllers: Competitive Analysis

Smart home controllers are now entering the marketplace and being adopted in higher volumes than in previous decades when the nomenclature was "home controllers" and being "connected" was not a given. The report focuses on segmenting and forecasting smart home controllers by type and channel. It also addresses emerging strategies – strategies designed to overcome the barrier inherent in a product that is beneficial AFTER smart devices are attached and integrated. It includes profiles of selected smart home control companies within market segments and U.S. forecasts from 2016-2020.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

1.4        Smart Home Definitions

2.0        Smart Home Technology Overview

2.1        Smart Home Value Chain

3.0        Smart Home Controller Market Overview

3.1        Market Drivers and Inhibitors

3.1.1     Drivers

3.1.2     Inhibitors

3.2        Market Segments

3.3        The Role of Distribution for Smart Home Controllers

3.4        Market Trends

4.0        Profiles of Selected Custom-Installed Smart Home Systems

4.1        Savant (Q3 2016)

4.2        Lutron (Q3 2016)

4.3        Control4 (Q3 2016)

4.4        RTI Corp (Q3 2016)

4.5        Elan—Part of CORE Brands, a Nortek Company (Q3 2016)

4.6        Comcast Xfinity (Q3 2016)

4.7        AT&T Digital Life (Q3 2016)

4.8        ADT Security (Q3 2016)

4.9        Samsung SmartThings (Q3 2016)

4.10      Wink (Q3 2016)

4.11      Logitech Harmony (Q3 2016)

5.0        Consumer Adoption of Home Control Systems

5.1        Demographics

6.0        Forecast

6.1        Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

6.2        Forecast of Smart Home Controllers

7.0        Recommendations

CEDIA (Custom Installers/Systems integrators) Channel Recommendations

Mass-market Recommendations

8.0        Appendix

8.1        Glossary

8.2        Index

8.3        Image Sources

Companies Researched or Interviewed
Smart Home Value Chain in the Security Channel
Smart Home Value Chain in the Cable and Telecom Channel
Smart Home/Smart Product Familiarity (2014-2015)
Market Driver and Inhibitors
Selected Smart Home Controller Positions
Security System Installation with Smart Control Features
Security System Installations Including Smart Home Devices (2014-2016)
Smart Home Controller Distribution Channels
Smart Home Controller Market Trend
Savant Company Profile
Lutron Company Profile
Control4 Company Profile
RTI Company Profile
Elan Company Profile
Comcast Company Profile
AT&T Digital Life Company Profile
ADT Security Company Profile
Samsung SmartThings Company Profile
Wink Company Profile
Logitech Harmony Company Profile
Smart Home System Adoption
Smart Home Controller Ownership
Attitudes of Homeowners vs. Renters
Attitudes of Homeowners with a Smart Home Controller vs. Homeowners without a Smart Home Controller
Smart Home Control System With and Without Home Security
Monthly or Annual Fees for Smart Home System
Smart Home System Adoption Demographics – 2Q 2016
Forecast Flowchart of U.S. Smart Home Controller Unit Sales
Forecast Flowchart of U.S. Smart Home Controller & Services Revenue
Smart Home Controller Adoption
Smart Home Controller Unit Sales (2016-2020)
Security System Sales with and without Smart Home Controllers
Smart Home Controller Unit Sales by Installation Method
Upfront Smart Home Controller Revenue by Channel
Total Smart Home Controller Revenue by Channel

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