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Q3 2017

Industry Report

IoT Connectivity in Europe: Value of Connected Products

The European smart home market remains virtually untapped. Many companies have been slow to act due to their sense of overhype and gadgetry. However, some early activity and accompanying success are happening. This report provides an approach to analyzing smart home/connected products needs and services. It provides deep profiles of 11 different types of EU companies and how they are addressing strategies for smart home product and services. This reports provides insight to the multiple activities of diverse players and helps each company expand its own vision.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Research Approach/Sources

1.3        Key Questions

2.0        Market Overview

2.1        Drivers & Inhibitors

3.0        The Elements of IoT Product & Service Strategy

3.1        Diffusion of Connectivity across Product Lines

3.2        New Product Introductions, Retrofit Options or Both

3.3        Product Mix and Services

3.4        Analytics

3.5        Automation

4.0        Distribution Strategy

4.1        Expanding Channels

4.2        Sales of Connected Products and Their Corollary Services

4.3        Up- and Cross Sales

4.4        Channel and Customer Support

4.5        Pricing Models

5.0        Technology & Infrastructure

6.0        Big Data

7.0        Innovative Activity & Business Models

7.1        Business Models for IoT

8.0        Select Profiles of European Companies’ IoT Activity

8.1        Profiles


Nespresso – A Nestle Company

Somfy: Connected Home Solutions Business


Securitas AB

Assa Abloy – Digital Door Lock (DDL)

Verisure - Assa Abloy – Yale DDL - A European Use Case

Philips Hue

Gardena – A Husqvarna Group Company


Hive – A Centrica Company

8.2        Status of Profiled Companies by Topic

9.0        Recommendations: Guidelines for IoT

10.0      Appendix

10.1      Glossary

10.2      Index

Motivations for Adding Connectivity
A Sample Set of Use Cases
Key Current Categories & Benefits
Connected Products: Drivers & Inhibitors
Elements of IoT
Trust in Channel by Type
Eurotech Approach to IoT, Courtesy of Eurotech
Securitas AB
Assa Abloy Digital Door Lock
Verisure/Yale DDL
Philips Hue
Approach to the Cloud
The Cloud: A Company Differentiator
Maximizing Connectivity Gains
Data Access: The Opportunity to Improve Processes
Direct Invoicing: Seizing E-Commerce Opportunity

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