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Q4 2015

Industry Report

Innovation in Smart Home Products

Connectivity is changing the game. Smart products are adding sensors, and value-added services are disrupting traditional markets. This report highlights the trends and disruptive forces shaping the smart home market, including a detailed review of new players in the leading categories of smart home products.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        Introduction

3.0        Innovation and the Internet of Things

4.0        Haptics: Bringing Touch to the Smart Home

4.1        Current Applications for Haptics

4.2        Haptics Technology and Innovation

4.3        Trends in Haptics

4.4        Haptics Success Factors

4.5        Future Smart Home Opportunities in Haptics

4.6        Haptics Company Profile

5.0        Vision-Driven Innovations: The Smart Home Sees You

5.1        Vision Analysis and Control

5.1.1    Trends in Vision Analysis and Control

5.1.2    Success Factors for Vision Analysis and Control

5.1.3    Future Smart Home Opportunities for Vision Analysis and Control

5.2        Facial / Body Reading

5.2.1    Trends in Facial / Body Reading

5.2.2    Success Factors for Facial / Body Reading

5.2.3    Future Smart Home Opportunities for Facial / Body Reading

5.3        Motion and Gesture Control

5.3.1    Trends in Gesture Control

5.3.2    Success Factors for Gesture Control

5.3.3    Future Smart Home Opportunities for Gesture Control

5.4        Eye Tracking

5.4.1    Trends in Eye Tracking

5.4.2    Success Factors for Eye Tracking

5.4.3    Future Smart Home Opportunities for Eye Tracking

5.5        Vision-Driven Innovation Company Profiles

6.0        Voice: The Smart Home is Listening—and Talking

6.1 Current Applications for Audio Analytics

6.2 Trends in Audio Analytics

6.3 Voice Analytics Success Factors

6.4 Future Smart Home Opportunities for Voice

6.5 Voice Analytics Company Profiles

7.0        Neural Technologies: Control by Thought

7.1        Current Applications for Neural Analytics

7.2        Trends in Neural Analytics

7.3        Success Factors for Neural Controls

7.4        Future Smart Home Opportunities for Neural Sensors & Controls

7.5        Neural Technology (Bioinformatic) Company Profiles

8.0        Forecasts for Smart Home Innovation

8.1        Growth Assumptions for Smart Home Interface Innovations Forecast

8.1.1    Haptics Forecast Assumptions

8.1.2    Gesture Forecast Assumptions

8.1.3    Eye Tracking Forecast Assumptions

8.1.4    Facial / Body Visual Recognition Forecast Assumptions

8.1.5    Voice Recognition & Control Forecast Assumptions

9.0        Appendix

9.1        Glossary

9.2        Index

9.3        Image Sources

Companies Interviewed or Researched for Report
Smart Home Product Value Progression
AT&T Digital Life, Courtesy of Broadband Trends
Novasentis Profile
Ubiquilux Profile
Affectiva Profile
Tend Insights Profile
ArcSoft Profile
XYZ Interactive Technologies Profile
Atheer Labs Profile
Apical Profile
Eye Tribe Profile
Siri Use, 2012-2015
CastleOS Profile
ivee Profile
Sensory Profile
Emotiv Profile
NeuroSky Profile
Forecast – Percentage of U.S. Broadband Households with Leading Smart Home Products
Forecast for Popular Smart Home Device Purchases
Parks Associates’ Curve for the Adoption of Innovative User Technologies

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