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Q1 2010

Industry Report

Digital Lifestyles: 2010 Outlook

Digital Lifestyles: 2010 Outlook provides analysis and forecasts for a variety of digital lifestyle product categories, including broadband Internet, television services, digital content services, and products (home networks and consumer electronics).


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1.0 Digital Lifestyles: An Overview

1.1 Digital Lifestyle Categories

1.2 Key Consumer Drivers

1.2.1 Consumer Electronics Purchases

1.2.2 Entertainment Expenditures

2.0   Access Services

2.1 Broadband Services

2.1.1 Broadband Service Penetration

2.1.2 Key Trends in Broadband Services

2.2 Television Services

2.2.1 Growth of Television Services

2.2.2 Key Trends in Television Services

2.3 Mobile Services and Devices

2.3.1 Growth of Mobile Services

2.3.2 Key Trends in Mobile Services and


Tablet PCs


3.0 Digital Media and Gaming

3.1 Online Video

3.2 Digital Music

3.3 Gaming

4.0Trends in Consumer Electronics

4.1 Connected Consumer Electronics

4.1.1 Market Trends

4.1.2 Key Technology Developments

Home Networking

“No-New-Wires” Networking

HDMI Extensions

Wireless Networks

Device Discovery and Media Sharing

Bringing the Web to Consumer Electronics: Many Choices

User Interfaces

Freeing Content on the Home Network

The Rise of the “Digital Locker”

4.1.3 Key Connected Consumer Electronics Products

Connected Game Consoles

Connected TVs and Blu-ray Players

Networked Digital Media Players

Connected Audio Products

Consumer Storage

4.2 3D TVs and Blu-ray Players

4.3 Consumer Videoconferencing

5.0 Digital Home Tech Support

6.0 Home Systems

6.1 The Challenges of a Down Economy

6.2 Energy Management as a Concerted Home Systems Driver

Digital Lifestyle Elements
2008-2009 CE Spending Comparison
Comparing 1H 2009 Purchase Intentions to Actual Purchases
U.S. Apple® iPhone™ Unit Sales
U.S. Theatrical Box Office and DVD/Blu-ray Revenues
U.S. Changes in Movie Viewing Habits
Likelihood of Switching or Canceling Providers
Worldwide Residential Broadband Households
Residential Broadband Subscribers
Service Provider Strategic Considerations
Bundled Services
Satisfaction with Broadband Services
Interest in Value-added Services
The Role of Value-added Services Offerings in Increasing Satisfaction
Worldwide Data Networks and RG Households
Millions of Households with Television Services, by Type
Digital Television Subscribers
The Roadmap for Advanced Television Features
Recommendation Engines
Appeal of Advanced TV Features
High Likelihood of Cancelling Pay-TV Service
Appeal and Willingness to Pay for a TV Everywhere Feature
Examples of TV Everywhere Offerings
TV Everywhere Leading Platform and Publishing Solutions Providers
Worldwide Mobile Subscribers
Smartphone Penetration with U.S. Broadband Households
Smartphone Users vs. Non-Users: Frequency of Phone Activities
iPhone App Growth and Download Milestones
Notable Tablet Computers
Notable E-Reader Products
Digital Media Activities
Percentage of Active Online Video Viewers
Netflix Subscribers
Online Video Providers
Paying Users for Premium Online Video
Digital Music Revenues
Digital Music Services
U.S. Households with Home Networks
Current and Desired Home Network Features
Penetration of Connected CE Platforms
“No-New-Wires” Home Networking Solutions
Interface Expansions
Wireless Solutions for Consumer Electronics
Wireless HDTVs
Wireless PC-to-TV Links
DLNA Certified Products
Web-on-TV Technology Solutions
Notable Players in Connected CE User Interface Development
Web Content Interfaces
Home Network-based Content Protection
Percentage of Game Consoles Connected to the Internet
Growth of Xbox LIVE Registered User Accounts
Game Consoles and Online Video
Xbox 360 Used for Accessing Video
Online Video Providers and Device Availability
Households Using PC-TV Connections to Watch Online Video
Appeal of Interactive and Web Applications on the TV
Connected TVs and Content
Notable Networked Digital Media Players
Current and Potential Future for Connected Audio
Gigabytes of Storage Needed for the Average U.S. Household
Consumer Attitudes Regarding Media Backup and Sharing
How Do Consumers Backup Content?
Consumer Storage Product Categories
3D TV Displays
3D TV Blu-ray Players
Familiarity with TV Features
Interest in 3D TV Programs
Consumer Videoconferencing Solutions
Consumer Videoconferencing Solutions
Broadband Service Providers Contacted for Tech Support
CE Support Feature Purchases
Interest Digital home Technical Support Services
Integrators’ Revenue Mix: New vs. Existing Homes
Integrator Competitive Strategies
Residential Energy Management Solutions

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