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Q1 2019

Industry Report

Virtual Reality: The Evolving Ecosystem

Virtual reality is capturing the imaginations of consumers and the video industry regarding new use cases and levels of immersion. However, for VR to succeed, a full ecosystem of devices, services, and content must exist as well as a viable economy that allows profitability. This report examines the evolving ecosystem for VR, including content creation, distribution, and monetization and the major players and new entrants that are making it all happen. The report assesses areas of opportunity and the growth of this new area of entertainment. It includes a five-year forecast of VR Headset Installed Base Globally through 2023. Forecasts are provided by region and by headset type.


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1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of Report

1.2          Key Burning Questions Addressed by this Research

1.3          Research Approach/Sources

2.0          Today’s VR Ecosystem

2.1          Types of Headsets

2.1.1      Smartphone-Based Systems

2.1.2      Standalone Systems

2.1.3      Game Console-Based Systems

2.1.4      PC-Based Systems

2.2          Content Distribution Platforms

3.0          VR Content and Use Cases

3.1          Gaming

3.1.1      Types of Games

3.1.2      Distribution of Games

3.1.3      Challenges

3.2          Non-Gaming Entertainment

3.2.1      Challenges

3.2.2      Video

3.2.3      Sports

3.2.4      Sources of Content

3.3          Business Applications

4.0          VR Delivery Channels

4.1          At-Home VR

4.2          Retail VR

5.0          Considerations for VR’s Success

6.0          Forecast: Global VR Headset Ownership, 2018-2023

6.1          Forecast Methodology

6.2          Forecast

7.0          Implications and Recommendations

8.0          Appendix

8.1          Glossary

8.2          Index

8.3          Image Sources

Familiarity with Virtual Reality (2017-2018)
Virtual Reality Headset Trial Experience (2017-2018)
Virtual Reality Headset Adoption (2016-2018)
Type of Virtual Reality System Owned (Q1/18)
Major Smartphone-Based VR Headset
Net Promoter Score of Virtual Reality Headset by Device Types
Adoption of Standalone Virtual Reality Headset Brands Among VR Owners (Q1/2018)
Major Standalone VR Headsets
Sony PlayStation VR
Major Standalone VR Headsets
Adoption of PC-Based Virtual Reality Headset Brands Among VR Owners (Q1/2018)
Quality of Virtual Reality Apps and Content (Q1/18)
VR App/Content Quality by Change in VR Headset Usage (Q1/18)
Ready Player One’s Vision of VR
Expected Virtual Reality Use Cases (Q1/18)
Virtual Reality Product Familiarity by Gaming Console Ownership (Q1/18)
Major VR-Specific App Stores
Kat Walk Mini Omnidirectional Treadmill
Most Enjoyed Leisure Activities (Q3/18)
VR Video Business Models
Sources of Non-Gaming VR Content
Expected Use Cases Among Intenders (2017-2018)
Ovation VR
VR Zone Shinjuku
The VOID Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire
Global VR Headset Ownership by Region (2018-2023)
Global VR Headset Ownership by Headset Type (2018-2023)

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