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Q2 2021

Industry Report

Evolution of Gaming: The State of Cloud Gaming

An increasing number of companies and consumers in the video game sector have embraced the internet as a way to enable multiplayer connection, software distribution, and now cloud gaming. Cloud gaming allows a variety of connected devices to play games being run remotely on hardware in the cloud, using an internet-delivered video stream. This report focuses on this leading edge of the gaming industry’s strategy to leverage today’s connected consumer landscape. It compares the differences in implementation and business models between leading services, examines competitive advantages and disadvantages, and consumer demand for cloud gaming services. The types of consumers most interested in or with the most potential to subscribe to cloud gaming services are also discussed.


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Bottom Line

State of the Market

Key Trends, Market Drivers, and Barriers

Cloud Gaming Competitive Landscape

Profiles of the Major Cloud Gaming Services

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate / Xbox Cloud Gaming

Nvidia GeForce Now

Sony PlayStation (PS) Now

Google Stadia

Amazon Luna

Cloud Gaming Service Summary Comparison

Future Market Expansion

Potential Market Opportunity

Implications and Recommendations

Cloud Gaming Services

Broadband Service Providers

Game Software Publishers and Studios

Gamer Hierarchy
Gaming Services Market Overview
Cloud Gaming Appeal Among US Broadband Households
Cloud Gaming Subscription Likelihood Based on Price
Multiplatform Gaming Levels
Likelihood of Cloud Gaming Subscription Based on Multiplatform Gaming Usage
Cloud Gaming Company Attributes Comparison
Cloud Gaming Services: Cloud, Platform, and Subscription Model Overview
Cloud Gaming Services Market Timeline
Cloud Gaming Service Summary Comparison
Cloud Gaming Service Summary Comparison
US Cloud Gaming Potential Market Opportunity by Subscription Pricing Tier

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