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Q4 2019

Industry Report

Video Piracy: Ecosystem, Risks, and Impact

The evolution of video services has changed consumption patterns as well as the dynamics of content and service piracy. Credential sharing, app-based sharing, and illegal live streaming have ushered in a new age of digital pirates and attitudes among consumers regarding fair use. This report examines trends in content piracy and methods for stopping these emerging piracy methods. It also provides a five-year forecast for the impact of piracy on the video industry.


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Research Objectives

Research Approach

Companies Interviewed or Researched

Executive Summary

Defining Video Piracy

Piracy and Lost Revenue

Piracy Types: Accidental and Purposeful

Piracy Drivers

Key Findings: Impact of Piracy

The Value of Content: Age of Content

Lifecycle of a Video Asset

The Value of Content: Live Events

Live Events: Decline in Value 

Video Theft

Video Piracy and Anti-piracy Technology Elements

Video Piracy Non-technical Countermeasures

Key Trends

Challenges Ahead

Emerging Technological Challenges

Business and Legal Challenges

Emerging Opportunities

Video Piracy: Lost Revenue and Forecasts

Worldwide Broadband Households, by Region (2017-2023)

Worldwide Pay-TV Households (2017-2023)

Who accesses pirate video?

Video Piracy Losses: Americas

Video Piracy Losses: Europe and Asia

Annual US Revenue Lost Due to Account Sharing/Piracy (2019-2024)

Worldwide Broadband Households Accessing Pirated Video By Region (2017-2023)

Worldwide Revenue to Video Pirates From Broadband Subscribers By Region (2017 - 2023)

Worldwide Pay-TV Households Watching Pirate Video (2017-2023)

Worldwide Revenue to Video Pirates (at Pirate ARPU) from Pay-TV Subscribers also accessing Pirate Video Content, by Region (2017-2023)

Worldwide Households Accessing Pirate Video, which are not Pay-TV Subscribers, by Region (2017-2023)

Total of Worldwide Pay-TV and non-Pay TV Households Accessing Pirate Video, All Regions (2017-2022)

Total Worldwide Revenue, Pirated Video taken by Pay-TV and Non-Pay-TV Households, By Region (2017-2023)

Worldwide Pay-TV Revenue Lost, if 10% of Pay-TV Households Watching Pirate Video Quit Pay TV and Went Exclusively to Pirated Video, by Region (2017-2023)

Consumer-Reported Video Piracy

Use of Piracy Devices/Apps/Websites (Q1/19)

Account Sharing and Piracy Activities (Q1/19)

Use of Piracy Devices/Apps/Websites Among Pirates (Q1/19)

Perception Towards Sharing Online Music/Video Services or Using Unlicensed Content (Q1/19)

How Pirates Reach Consumers

Video Theft

Reaching Consumers Through Multiple Channels

Go-To-Market Strategy for Pirates Leveraging Set-top Boxes

Streaming Devices Targeted by Pirates

Kodi, a Software Ecosystem used by Pirates

Torrent Sites as a Pirate Distribution Channel

Business Models: Pirate Video Offerings for Consumers

Use Cases: Where and How Piracy Occurs

Piracy Causes: Consumer Origination 

Credential Sharing and Consequences

Credential Theft and Abuse: Data Center Attacks

Hosting Pirates: Additional Ways to Steal Content

Breaches: Top-to-Bottom Concern

Real-world Examples

Omniverse One World Television

Omniverse Oneworld Television

Status of Omniverse Oneworld Television

TeaTV – Theft of Programmatic Advertising

Openload and Streamango

European Union Judicial Cooperation Unit

beoutQ – Industrialized Piracy at a Nation-state Level

beoutQ and Pirated Programming

Status of beoutQ

Additional case examples

Anti-piracy Countermeasures

Video Piracy and Anti-piracy Technology Elements

Anti-piracy Analytics – Credential Sharing

Watermarking and Monitoring: Evaluating Content for Infringing Use

Anti-piracy Countermeasures: Service Administration

Anti-piracy Countermeasures: Network-based Interventions

Non-technical Countermeasures and Initiatives

Video Piracy Non-technical Countermeasures

Anti-piracy Initiatives: Basic Questions

Anti-piracy Initiative: Stages of Development - Planning

Anti-piracy Initiative: Stages of Development - Execution

Select Anti-Piracy Technology Providers

Leaders in Anti-Piracy Products and Solutions

Technical References

Appendix: Definitions and Sources

Definitions: Piracy & Anti-piracy Context



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