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Q3 2018

Industry Report

The Future of Live Entertainment

While viewing of linear television has declined among broadband households, live video—sports, news, and events—continues to play a critical role in the television business. Alternative platforms have stepped in to capture a portion of live audience, and services like Facebook Live and Periscope have led the charge in live online video entertainment. This report explores the state of live broadcast video, including the renaissance in live video services online, alternatives to traditional linear television, consumer use, and new opportunities for content creators and distributors.


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1.0                Report Summary

1.1                Purpose of Report

1.2                Scope of Report

1.3                Research Approach/Sources

2.0                Today’s Landscape of Live Entertainment

2.1                Defining Live Entertainment

2.2                Decline in Pay TV

2.3                Antenna Use

2.3.1            A Renaissance for the Antenna

2.3.2            Crossover with Streaming Media Players

3.0                Live Alternatives

3.1                News

3.1.1            Voices of Digital Realm

3.1.2            Social Media as a News Source

3.1.3            Decline of Local News

3.1.4            Fracturing of News Coverage

3.1.5            Pivot to Video

3.2                Sports Moving Online

3.2.1            Splintering of Rights/Sources

3.2.2            Non-TV Sports

3.2.3            Direct-to-Consumer Sports

3.3                Future of Channelization

3.4                Live User-Generated Content

3.4.1            Platforms

3.4.2            Use/Viewers

3.4.3            Position in Viewing

4.0                Interaction/Engagement

4.1                Social Media/Apps

4.1.1            Marketing Tool vs. Content Distribution Tool

4.1.2            Interactivity of Content

4.2                Group Engagement

4.2.1            Measuring Engagement

5.0                Forecast of Live TV Viewership

5.1                Forecast Methodology

5.2                Forecast

6.0                Implications and Recommendations

7.0                Appendix

7.1                Glossary

7.2                Index

Pay-TV Service Subscriptions (2011-2017)
Factors Influencing a Decision to Downgrade Pay-TV Service (Q3/17)
Total Average Video Consumption On a TV Set (2010-2017)
ESPN+ Menu
Live TV Broadcast Source on a TV Set by Age (Q3/16)
Home Video Device Ownership (2010-2018)
Video Entertainment Device Combinations (Q3/17)
Streaming Media Player Development
Streaming Media Player Landscape
Livestreaming of TV Shows and Sporting Events (Q3/17)
YouTube Live News Menu
Top Sports OTT Video Subscription (2016-2017)
On Demand vs. Channelization
Instagram Live
Livestreaming or Posting of Video in Last 30 Days (Q3/17)
Use of User-Generated Content by Demographics (Q3/17)
Frequency of Watching User Generated Content (Q3/17)
Viewership of Live Pay TV by Room (Q3/17)
Live TV Viewership by Source (2010-2022)
Live Viewership as % of Total Viewing (2010-2022)
Online Live as a % of Live Viewership (2010-2022)

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