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Q1 2017

Industry Report

Digital Natives: Video Strategies for Millennials and Gen Z

The Internet has changed the way young consumers watch video content, placing similar values on low-cost digital video and big-budget professionally produced video. Content companies have struggled to effectively capture and monetize the digital native audience given the wealth of video content available through any device. This report examines video viewing habits of millennials and provides strategic insight into building content brands that resonate with the digital-first audience.


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1.0        Report Summary

1.1        Purpose of Report

1.2        Scope of Report

1.3        Research Approach/Sources

2.0        Understanding Digital Natives: Millennials and Generation Z

2.1        Millennials

2.2        Generation Z

3.0        Creating and Distributing Content for Digital Natives

3.1        Trends in Content Creation for Digital Natives

3.1.1     Microcontent Platforms Emerge

3.1.2     Dominance of the YouTube Space

3.1.3     Digital First Strategy

3.1.4     Reboots, Relaunches, and Re-imaginings

3.2        Trends in Distribution for Digital Natives

3.2.1     Mobile Partnerships Alleviate Data Stress

3.2.2     Disrupting Episodic Distribution

3.2.3     Repackaging Content for Distribution

3.3        Conclusions and Implications

4.0        Monetizing Content with Digital Natives

4.1        Trends in Subscription-based Services

4.1.1     Millennials: Pay TV vs. OTT

4.1.2     Shift from Broad Markets to Targeted Markets

4.2        Trends in Third-party Funded Services

4.2.1     Measurement in the Digital Native Space

4.2.2     Sponsored and Branded Content

4.3        Trends in Transactional Services

4.3.1     Children and the Transactional Window

4.4        Conclusions and Implications

5.0        Forecast

5.1        Forecast Methodology

5.2        Forecast: Social Video Chat App Users

5.3        Forecast: Professionally-produced Social Video Viewers

6.0        Recommendations

6.1        Studios and Producers

6.2        Advertisers and Ad Solutions Providers

6.3        Service Operators

6.4        Social Video Platforms

7.0        Appendix

Average Number of Days Per Month Using Alternative Video
Most Subscribed YouTube Creator Channels
Creator-based Approach: Advantages and Disadvantages
Television Programs Continued or Rebooted Digitally
Total Average Video Consumption by Platform (2010 - 2016)
Average Weekly Number of Hours Watching Video on a Mobile Phone
Zero-rating Mobile Partnerships
Episodic Release Model: Linear vs. SVOD
Average Weekly Number of Hours Watching Video on a TV Set
Pay-TV Service Adoption
Recent Changes to Pay-TV Service in the Past 12 Months
Average Monthly Expenditure on Online Video Subscriptions
Reason for Cancelling Pay-TV Service by Generation
Subscription to OTT Services by Generation
VRV Offerings
Average Monthly Expenditure on Home Video Entertainment
Average Monthly Expenditure on Physical Media by Children at Home
Average Monthly Expenditure on Video Entertainment Among Households with Children
Social Video Monthly Users Forecast Methodology
Forecast: Social Video Chat App Monthly Users
Forecast: Professionally-produced Social Video Monthly Viewers

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