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Q1 2017

Industry Report

Voice Assistants and Technologies: Ecosystem and Market Leaders

Voice-based technologies are gaining momentum in key industry verticals. In particular, voice-based personal assistants are enjoying recent notoriety, driven by use in connected speaker products, smartphones, and computers. This report examines the ecosystem for voice-based technologies, identifies the market leaders in voice assistants, and assesses the market impact of voice on product and service sectors.


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1.0      Executive Summary

1.1      Key Findings

1.2      Consumer Data Dashboard

2.0      The Ecosystem of Voice Technologies

2.1      Voice Software Providers

2.2      Voice-based Assistants

2.3      Voice Control

2.4      Voice Identification

3.0      The Technology behind Voice: Natural Language Processing

4.0      Competitive Analysis

4.1      Amazon Alexa

4.2      Apple Siri

4.3      Google Assistant

4.4      Microsoft Cortana

4.5      Market Alternatives

5.0      The Impact of Voice and the Emergence of Use Cases

5.1      Smart Home

5.2      Consumer Electronics

5.3      Connected Entertainment

5.4      Connected Car

6.0      Forecast of U.S. Voice-Controlled Smart Speakers with Personal Assistant, 2017-2021

6.1      Forecast Methodology

6.2      Forecast

7.0      Implications and Recommendations

8.0      Appendix

8.1      Research Approach/Sources

8.2      Glossary

8.3      Index

Voice Technologies Ecosystem
Consumer Use of Personal Digital Assistant Devices or Applications
Voice Control Methods
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Diagram
Competitive Analysis of the Big 4 in Personal Assistants
Comparison of Usage by OS and Personal Assistant Application
Smart Home Device Ownership by Personal Assistant Device Ownership
Appeal of Voice Control
Safety Perceptions of Activities Performed While Driving
Smart Speaker with Personal Assistant Forecast Methodology Flowchart
U.S. Unit Sales Forecast 2016-2021, Smart Speakers with Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant
U.S. Penetration Forecast 2016-2021, Smart Speakers with Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant
Companies Researched or Interviewed


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