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Q1 2014

Industry Report

Smartphone: King of Convergence (Third Edition)

This report updates Parks Associates’ smartphone research using the latest market data and consumer survey results. Topics covered include smartphone sales and market shares, feature trends, new mobile applications and services, and smartphone adoption among enterprise customers and consumers. The report concludes with a five-year forecast of smartphone unit sales and smartphone users.


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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose of Report

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Research Approach

2.0   Smartphone Market Overview

2.1 Global Smartphone Growth and Key Trends

2.2 Smartphone Market Overview

2.2.1 Major Smartphone Brands and Strategies

2.2.2 Trends in Smartphone Operating Systems

2.3 Mobile Carriers’ Smartphone Strategy

2.3.1 Device Pricing and Upgrade Strategy

2.3.2 Data Pricing Models

   2.3 App Distribution and Monetization

2.4 Smartphone Adoption in the Enterprise Market

2.5 Consumer Data on Smartphone Usage and Preferences

3.0   Smartphone: A Bridge to Digital Life

3.1 Smartphone Features

   3.1.1 Trends in Smartphone Processors

   3.1.2 Sensors

3.2 Smartphone Applications

   3.2.1 Social Media and Messaging

3.2.2 Multimedia Entertainment (Audio and Video)

3.2.3 Mobile Commerce and Retail

3.2.4 Wearable Technology and Accessories

4.0   Market Forecasts

4.1 Market Drivers and Barriers

4.2 Forecast Methodology

4.3 Sources of Information

4.4 Smartphone Sales and Users Forecasts

5.0       Market Implications and Recommendations

Companies researched or interviewed for the report
Smartphone Penetration (2005 – 2013)
Global Smartphone Shipments and Market Share
Smartphone Operating System Share in the U.S.
Legacy and Emerging Smartphone OS
U.S. Carriers Early Upgrade Plans
Shared Data Plan Examples of North American Mobile Carriers
Examples of App Distribution Channels
Categorization of Connected App Download Types and Revenue Models
Smartphone Activities
Mobile Service Switching
Smartphone as a Center of Digital Living
Smartphone Sensors
Facebook Inc’s Mobile Monthly Active Users
Second Screen Applications for TV and Game Consoles
Mobile Commerce App Use
Examples of Wearable Devices
Global Smartphone Sales Forecast Methodology
Smartphone Units Sales
Smartphone Units Sales by Region
Smartphone Users (Consumer Market)
Smartphone Users (Consumer Market by Region)

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