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Q3 2013

Industry Report

Connected TV: Trends and Innovation

This report discusses the impact of current innovations on connected TV device sales and usage, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming video media devices, such as a Roku or Apple TV. It also looks at disruptive products and technologies on the horizon. The report includes forecasts for device unit sales and revenues from 2012 to 2017.


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Connected TV Video
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The Bottom Line

1.0   Report Summary

1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2 Categorizing Connected Devices

1.3 Data Sources

2.0   The Connected TV Device Landscape

2.1 Consumer Adoption and Usage

2.2 Connected TV Device Usage

2.2.1    Usage of Connected TV Devices

Why Consumers Don’t Connect Their Devices

Connectivity is a Secondary Feature

Slow Broadband Speeds

Technical Issues

Use of Other Connected Devices

Content or Interface Issues

2.2.2    Connected Access and Usage

3.0   Connected TV

3.1 Content on Connected TV Devices

3.2 Connected TV Devices

3.2.1    Smart TVs

Shopping Behavior

3.2.2    Consumer Content Preferences for Smart TVs

3.2.3    Industry Players

3.3 Streaming Video Media Devices

3.3.1    Shopping Behavior

3.3.2    Consumer Content Preferences for Streaming Video Media Devices

3.3.3    Industry Players

3.4 Gaming Consoles

3.4.1    Shopping Behavior

3.4.2    Consumer Content Preferences for Gaming Consoles

3.4.3    Industry Players

3.5 Blu-ray Players

3.5.1    Shopping Behavior

3.5.2    Consumer Content Preferences for Blu-ray Players

3.5.3    Industry Players

4.0   Forecasts

4.1 Methodologies and Assumptions

4.2 Connected TV Device Growth

4.3 Connected TV Device Forecasts

4.3.1    Smart TVs

4.3.2    Streaming Video Media Devices

4.3.3    Gaming Consoles

4.3.4    Connectable Blu-ray Players

5.0   Implications

6.0   Glossary

7.0   Index

Categorizing Connected Devices
Percent of U.S. Households with a TV-Internet Connection
Video Consumption on TVs by Source
Broadband Households Using Only OTT for TV
Broadband Households by Region
Broadband Penetration by Region
North American Consumer Internet Traffic
Adoption of Consumer Electronics Products
Connected TV Device Growth Rates
Percentage of Broadband Households Owning a Connected Device
U.S. Households with TV-Internet Connection by Age
Broadband Households Watching DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
Consumers Uncomfortable with Device and Network Setup
Purchase of Connectable Devices in 2011 and 2012
Usage of Pay-TV Provider Smart TV Apps
Content Accessed on Connected TV Devices
Content Accessed by Specific Connected TV Devices
Content Accessed Daily on Connected Devices
Content Accessed Weekly on Connected Devices
Content Accessed Monthly on Connected Devices
Annual Purchases of Home Entertainment Devices
CE Device Purchase Intentions and YTD Actuals
Reason for Device Purchase
Device Purchases by Shopping Channel
Connection of Smart TVs to the Internet by Age Group
2012 Flat Panel TV Purchases
Size of Flat Panel and Smart TVs
Smart TV Purchase Locations
Flat Panel Purchase by Retailer
Smart TV Purchase by Brand in 2012
Preferred Interaction with Smart TV
LG Smart TV User Interface and Magic Remote
Streaming Video Media Device Purchase Locations
Streaming Video Media Device Ownership by Brand
Apple TV and Roku 3
Fan TV User Interface
Google Chromecast Streaming Flow
Roku 3 Interface
Roku Streaming Stick
Connection of Gaming Consoles to the Internet by Age Group
Purchase Locations for Gaming Consoles
High and Low Online Streaming Usage by Connected TV Device
Gaming Console Purchase by Brand in 2012
Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4
Connection of Blu-ray Players to the Internet by Age Group
Purchases of Blu-ray Players by Location
Purchases of Blu-ray Players by Brand
Global Smart TV Unit Sales Forecast
Smart TV Unit Sales Forecast by Region
North America Smart TV Unit Sales Forecast by TV Size
Europe Smart TV Unit Sales Forecast by TV Size
Smart TV Revenue Forecast by Region
Global Streaming Video Media Device Unit Sales Forecast
Streaming Video Media Device Unit Sales Forecast by Region
Streaming Video Media Device Revenue Forecast by Region
Global Gaming Console Sales Forecast
Gaming Console Unit Sales Forecast by Region
Gaming Console Revenue Forecast by Region
Global Connectable Blu-ray Player Global Unit Sales Forecast
Connectable Blu-ray Unit Sales Forecast by Region
Connectable Blu-ray Player Revenue Forecast by Region

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