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Q3 2009

Industry Report

Set-Top Boxes: Outlook

This report examines the key technology trends and business requirements that are shaping the market for the next-generation set-top box. It also analyzes recent developments in related hardware and software solutions and how those developments are changing the business models for service providers and technology providers. In addition, the report addresses consumer interest in connected set-top boxes and their willingness to pay for advanced set-tops.


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The Bottom Line

Global Set-Top Box Market Dashboard

1.0   Report Focus and Summary

1.1 Burning Questions for Set-Top Box Market

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Sources of Data

1.4 Definitions and Descriptions

Consumer Ratings

Global Regions

Glossary of Terms

2.0   Set-Top Box – Market Analysis

2.1 Set-Top Box Market Trends

2.2 Set-Top Box Market Segments and Value Chain

2.2.1    Set-Top Box Chipset Providers

2.3 Middleware Providers

2.4 Content Security and Management

2.5 Set-Top Box and Advanced Applications

2.5.1    Multi-room DVR and Media Server

2.5.2    Set-Top Box and Residential Gateways

2.5.3    Interactive Services and OTT Content

2.6 Distribution and Business Models

2.6.1    Service Providers

2.6.2    Set-Top Box Vendor

2.6.3    Consumer Electronics and Applications

2.7 Set-Top Boxes – The Consumer Perspective

2.7.1    Multi-room DVR

2.7.2    Connected Set-Top Boxes

2.7.3    OTT Content and Cloud Media Set-Top Boxes

3.0   Technology and Trends

3.1 Technology Standards for Set-Top Boxes

3.1.1    Digital Broadcasting Standards

3.1.2    Video Encoding and Transmission Standards

3.1.3    Applications and Content Distribution Standards

3.2 Migration to IP

4.0   Global Forecasts

5.0   Implications and Recommendations

5.1 Market Summary

5.2 Recommendations for Industry Players

Regulatory Authorities and Industry Consortium References
Companies Interviewed for the Report
Global Forecast Regions
Global Digital Television Subscriber Growth
Key Set-Top Box Market Drivers
Set-Top Box Market Value Chain
Leading SoC Vendor Revenues
STB Networking Technologies and Chipset Vendors
Leading SoC Vendors
Set-Top Box Software Stack
Key Tru2way Deployments in the U.S
Leading Middleware Providers
Leading CA and DRM Providers
Set-Top Box Shipments
Leading Set-Top Box Vendors
Multi-room DVR Strategies
HD/DVR Penetration Rate
Average Number of TiVo Owned Subscribers
Community and Recommendation Engines
Set-Box Ecosystem and Business Models
Most Appealing STB and HN Features
CE Adoption and Usage
Appeal of Networked STB
Appealing Features in Connected STB
Premium VoD Usage
Consumer Preference for Receiving VoD Content
Digital Broadcasting Standards
Standards for Applications and Content Distribution
Global Forecast Regions
Global Set-Top Box and DVR Forecast Methodology
Global Television Subscribers
Global Set-Top Box Shipments
Global DVR Shipments

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