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Q3 2017

Industry Report

Reinventing CE: Transforming Devices to Service Platforms

The CE industry has migrated from producing and distributing hardware to distributing OTT content and leveraging advertising models. This report discusses the impact of the shift on the industry as well as industry progress in benefiting from the new business models. It also assesses the transition from hardware to software as more content is streamed from the cloud and the impact on CE devices such as streaming media players and gaming consoles.


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1.0      Executive Summary

1.1      Key Findings

1.2      Consumer Data Dashboard

2.0      CE Devices – Adoption and Usage

3.0      Case Studies – CE and Service Platforms

3.1      Samsung

3.1.1   Core Businesses and Offerings

3.1.2   Key Market Implementations

3.1.3   Competitive Advantages

3.1.4   Implications

3.2      Apple

3.2.1   Core Businesses and Offerings

3.2.2   Key Market Implementations

3.2.3   Competitive Advantages

3.2.4   Implications

3.3      Amazon

3.3.1   Core Businesses and Offerings

3.3.2   Key Market Implementations

3.3.3   Competitive Advantages

3.3.4   Implications

3.4      Roku

3.4.1   Core Businesses and Offerings

3.4.2   Key Market Implementations

3.4.3   Competitive Advantages

3.4.4   Implications

4.0      Partnership Opportunities

4.1      Device Makers and Service Operators

4.2      Device Makers and Retailers

4.3      Device Makers and Advertisers

5.0      Appendix

5.1      Research Approach/Sources

5.2      Glossary

5.3      Index

Total Average Number of Connected CE Devices Owned Per BB HH
Home Entertainment Device Ownership
Samsung Products and Services: Devices and Users
Samsung Products and Services: Services and Platforms
Samsung Products and Services: Content Services
Purchase of Advanced TV
Reason for Not Shopping an Ultra HD/4K TV
Primary Flat Panel TV Ownership by Brand
Apple Products and Services: Devices and Users
Apple Products and Services: Services and Platforms
Apple Products and Services: Services and Platforms
Use of Voice Command among Apple Watch Users
Streaming Media Player: Brand Share by Installed Base
Smartphone Brand Share by Installed Base
Tablet Brand Share by Installed Base
Amazon Products and Services: Devices and Users
Amazon Products and Services: Services and Platforms
Amazon Products and Services: Content Services
Speakers with Personal Assistant Ownership, by Brand
OTT Video Service Plans and Pricing
Top OTT Service Subscriptions
Roku Product and Service Mix
Cord Cutters, Cord Shavers, and Cord Nevers
Companies Researched or Interviewed

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