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Q1 2010

Industry Report

Entertainment Networks & High-end Media Servers

Capabilities of high-end audio and video systems are moving into mainstream markets spearheaded by broadband Internet access, next-generation Wi-Fi networks, and affordable mass storage systems. This report examines trends in technology and consumer preferences driving the adoption of entertainment networks and media servers. Parks Associates’ latest research of consumers and home systems integrators together with market forecasts characterizes the opportunities for service providers and manufacturers.


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The Bottom Line

High End Entertainment Networks and Media Servers Dashboard

1.0   Notes on Methodology

1.1 Scope of Report

1.2 Data Sources

1.3 Companies Briefed

1.4 Glossary of Terms

2.0   Home Networking and Media Server Trends

2.1 The Evolution of Home Networks

2.2 High-end Media Servers: The Players and Platforms

2.2.1    Multi-room Audio

2.2.2    A/V Systems Manufacturers

2.2.3    Other Companies to Watch

2.2.4    High-end Media Server Platforms

2.2.5    A Migration to PC-based Operating Systems and Software?

3.0   Network Technology Assessment and Selected Technology Enablers

3.1 Existing and Emerging Wire-based and Powerline Technologies and Enablers

3.2 Whole-home HDMI Solutions

3.3 Wireless Technologies and Enablers

3.4 Integrators’ Opinions on Home Networking

3.5 Digital Rights Management

3.5.1    DRM and the DMCA; A Brief History

3.5.2    Issues & Key Players: Kaleidescape & RealNetworks vs. The DVD CCA

3.5.3    What Does It Mean for Kaleidescape, RealNetworks, and the Industry?

3.5.4    What Others Are Doing Differently

3.5.5    What Lies Ahead?

4.0   Channel Voice: Perspective of Home Systems Integrators and Installers

4.1 Assessing and Addressing Today’s Market

4.2 Integrators and Media Servers

4.2.1    The Media Server Business

4.2.2    Top Selling Brands

4.2.3    Media Server Costs

4.2.4    The Future Role of Media Servers

5.0   Market Forecasts

6.0       Implications and Recommendations for Vendors

U.S. Households with Home Networks
Applications Enabled on the Home Network
Penetration of Connected CE Platforms
Applications Enabled on the Home Network
Media Server Concept for Connected CE
Gigabytes of Storage Needed for the Average U.S. Household
Consumer Attitudes Regarding Media Backup and Sharing
Cloud Media Concept for Connected CE
Percentage of Active Online Video Viewers
Evolution of Home Networks
Multi-room Audio System Manufacturers
Multi-Room A/V System Manufacturers
Other Companies to Watch
High end Media Servers
PC Based Media Servers
Existing and Emerging Wire-based Technologies
Powerline Technology Enablers
Whole-home HDMI Solutions
Existing and Emerging Wireless Network Technologies
Wireless Technology Enablers
Installing Dealer Familiarity with Home Networking Technologies
Installing Dealers Opinions about Powerline Technology
Installing Dealers Opinions about 802.11n Technology
Integrators’ Revenue Mix: New vs. Existing Homes
Integrator Competitive Strategies
Percentage of Integrators Installing Media Servers
Percentage of A/V Systems with Media Servers
High End Media Servers Sold
Manufactured vs. Custom Built Media Servers
Dealer’s Most-preferred Brands of Audio/Video Servers
End-user Cost for Media Servers
End-user Server Cost: 2007 vs. 2009
Media Servers as A/V Storage Device Replacement
Media Server Features Desired by Dealers
Number of Net New Home Theater & Multi-room Audio Installations per Year and Percentage with a Media Server
High-end Media Server Unit Installations
Annual End-user Market Value, High-end Media Servers
High-end Media Server Market Forecast Summary

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