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Q4 2014

Industry Report

Converging Clouds: The Next Step for the Personal Cloud

Not only are consumers using cloud services in record numbers, but many CE devices are also accessing the cloud to provide new areas of functionality. This report examines the various cloud services and repositories that consumers and their devices access each day, efforts to manage them all, and how those clouds will converge in the future to enable new features and service offerings. It provides a five-year global forecast of the number of consumers using cloud services on their entertainment devices. 


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Data Points

The Bottom Line


1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose of Report

1.2          Scope of Report

2.0          Connected Devices and the Cloud

3.0          Exploring the Personal Cloud

3.1          Changes in the Storage Cloud

3.1.1       Home Cloud

3.1.2       Cloud Storage Services

3.1.3       Remote Backup Services

3.1.4       Trends in the Storage Cloud

3.2          Changes in the Media Cloud

3.2.1       Trends in Cloud-based Music

3.2.2       Trends in Cloud-based Video

3.3          Changes in the Functionality Cloud

3.3.1       Trends in the Functionality Cloud

4.0          Cloud Convergence

4.1          Storage and Media: Examining the Social Cloud

4.2          Storage and Functionality: Cloud-based Personal Services

4.3          Media and Functionality: The Emerging Interactive Cloud

5.0          Forecast

5.1          Forecast Methodology

5.2          Forecast of Cloud Storage

6.0          Implications and Recommendations

6.1          The Next Steps for the Personal Cloud

6.2          Cloud Storage and Backup Providers

6.3          Device Makers

6.4          Content Providers and Media Services

6.5          Operators and Cloud Enablers

7.0          Appendix

7.1          Research Approach/Sources

7.2          Glossary

7.3          Company Index

Home Entertainment Product Adoption
Smartphone and Tablet Adoption
Consumer NAS Devices
Companies Offering Personal Cloud Storage
Companies Offering Remote Backup
Online Storage Activities
Average Minutes Spent Using a Smartphone App by Type
Select Streaming Music Services
OTT Video Service Subscription
Video Providers Participating in Ultraviolet
Advantages and Challenges of Cloud DVR
Social Media Applications
Viewing User Generated Video
Submitting User Generated Video
Cloud Storage Forecast Methodology
Global Forecast: Cloud Storage Households by Region
Global Forecast: Cloud Storage Accounts by Region
Global Forecast: Cloud Storage Revenues by Region

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