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Q4 2010

Industry Report

Connected Game Console Update

This report focuses on the current generation of game consoles (Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii). It analyzes current market dynamics, business models, monetization opportunities, and future sales forecasts. The report also explores their gaming features and entertainment content distribution features as these consoles become entertainment hubs.


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Connected Game Console Update – Dashboard

1.0   Notes on Methodology and Report Focus

1.1 Data Sources

1.2 Scope of Report

1.3 Definitions

2.0   Game Consoles: a Market Overview

2.1 The Current Generation of Consoles

2.2 Sales, Market Shares and Penetration

2.3 New User Interfaces - Motion Controllers and Kinect

2.4 Key Consumer Findings

3.0   Connected Consoles: Gaming

3.1 Growth of Connected Game Consoles

3.2 Online Multiplayer Gaming

3.3 Digital Distribution: Games and DLC

3.4 Virtual Worlds and Avatars

3.5 Game Advertising

3.6 Competing Gaming Services

4.0   Connected Consoles: Video, TV and Other Features

4.1 Overview of Non-Gaming Features

4.2 Digital Distribution

4.3 Blu-ray

4.4 3D Capabilities

4.5 Game Console as a Set-Top Box

4.6 Competing On-Demand Video Solutions

5.0   Opportunities and Threats for Service Providers

5.1 Consoles as a Way to Reach Non-Subscribers

5.2 Cord-Cutting

6.0   Gaming 2.0

6.1 Cloud-Based Gaming

6.2 User-Generated Content

6.3 Gamer Social Networks

6.4 Passes for Online Gaming

7.0   Market Forecasts and Strategic Recommendations

7.1 Market Forecasts: Console Sales

7.2 Market Forecasts: Content and Service Revenues

7.3 Strategic Recommendations

7.3.1    Manufacturers of Digital Home Products

7.3.2    Service Providers

7.3.3    Content Providers

7.3.4    Game Console Manufacturers

Xbox 360 Retail Configurations
PS3 Retail Configurations
Cumulative Sales of Current-Generation Game Consoles
Comparing Sales of Wii to Combined Sales of PS3 and Xbox 360
Purchase Intentions
Monthly Hours Spent Playing Games
Game Console Purchase Intentions
SWOT Analysis: Current-Generation Game Consoles
Sony PlayStation Move
Microsoft Kinect
Motion Controllers – Cost of Ownership
U.S. Broadband Households with Game Consoles
Console Ownership
Game Console Buyers by Demographics
Location of Game Consoles
Console Owners with Internet-Connected Consoles
Console-Specific Connectivity Rate
Computer-Connected Consoles
Growth of Xbox LIVE Registered User Accounts
Manner of Payment for Xbox Live Subscription
Comparison of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network
Downloadable Game Content Offerings
Console In-Game Advertising: Key Players
Number of Apple iPads Sold in the U.S.
Pay-TV Gaming Services/Solutions
Online Content Accessed through Connected Game Consoles
Non-Gaming Features of Game Consoles
Xbox 360 Used for Accessing Video
On-Demand Video Offerings from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Likelihood of Purchasing a Blu-Ray Disc Player
Willingness to Pay for 3D Video Games
Sony PlayTV
Connected TV Devices
CE Platforms Supporting Internet Video
Impact of Bringing Online Video to the TV
Onlive MicroConsole and Wireless Controller
Global Game Console Unit Sales Forecast by Brand – Current Generation
Global Game Console Sales Revenue Forecast
Global Game Console Unit Sales Forecast - Current and Next Generation
Connected Consoles Forecast
Revenues from Console Subscription Services
Transactional Online Video Revenues on Consoles

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