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Q1 2012

Industry Report

Connected Consumer Electronics: Market Update

This report examines defining trends for the connected consumer electronics market. It focuses on smart TVs, connected Blu-ray players, connected game consoles, digital video media receivers, and media tablets. This report discusses key technologies and provides market forecasts.


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The Bottom Line

1.0          Report Summary

1.1          Purpose and Scope of Report

1.2          Data Sources

1.3          Companies Briefed

2.0          The Connected Consumer Electronics Market Landscape

2.1          Current Global Penetration

2.1.1      Smart TVs

2.1.2      Connectable Blu-ray Disc Players

2.1.3      Connected Game Consoles

2.1.4      Digital Video Media Receivers

2.1.5      Media Tablets

3.0          Trends to Watch in Connected CE

3.1          Applications Platform Competition

3.2          Connected CE Used by Pay-TV Providers

3.3          User Interfaces

3.4          Motion, Voice Control and Interactivity

3.5          Product Interoperability

3.6          Synchronization for Fixed-to-Companion Device Interactivity

4.0          Market Forecasts

4.1          Smart TVs

4.2          Connectable Blu-ray Disc Players

4.3          Connectable Game Consoles

4.4          Digital Video Media Players

4.5          Media Tablets

5.0          Implications and Recommendations

5.1          For Manufacturers

5.2          For Retailers

5.3          For Service Providers

6.0          Glossary

7.0          Index

Worldwide Households with Internet-connectable CE
U.S. Households with Internet-connected CE
Defining Smart TVs and Manufacturer Features
Smart TV Adapters
Blu-ray Player Unit Sales
On-demand Video Offerings from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
Examples of Digital Video Media Receivers
Video Recording and Place-shifting Solutions
Use of Connected Consumer Electronics for Premium Video
Google TV Interface
Sony and Vizio Google TV Adapters
Pay-TV Content Available on Connected Consumer Electronics
DLNA Certified® TVs and Set-top Boxes
Smart TV User Interfaces
Rovi TotalGuide™ and Insignia cTV with TiVo Interface
Gesture Recognition and Voice Control Technologies
Multi-device Interactivity Solutions
Second Screen Activities While Watching TV
Smart TV Synchronization Solutions
Smart TV Sales Forecast Methodology
Unit Sales of Smart TVs
Connectable Blu-ray Disc Player Forecast Methodology
Unit Sales Connectable Blu-ray Disc Players
Game Console Sales Forecast Methodology
Unit Sales of Connectable Game Consoles
Digital Video Media Receiver Forecast Methodology
Unit Sales of Digital Video Media Receivers
Digital Video Media Receiver Forecast Methodology

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