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Q2 2014

Industry Report

The Evolving Market For Streaming Media Devices

This report tracks the rapidly evolving market for alternative set-top box devices, such as Apple TV and Roku, which threaten set-top boxes provisioned by pay-TV providers. As devices adopt pay-TV apps (e.g., Roku features a Time Warner Cable app), the pay-TV industry must consider that the video user experience and interface may be controlled by a third party. This report includes a five-year unit forecast as well as evolutionary points.


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The Bottom Line

1.0    Report Summary

1.1    Purpose of the Report

1.2    Data Sources

2.0    Streaming Media Devices

3.0    Consumer Adoption and Usage

3.1    Internet-to-TV Connections

3.2    Connected TV Device Penetration

3.3    Connected TV Device Usage

3.4    Pay-TV Subscription Penetration

4.0    The Current State of the Industry

4.1    Streaming Media Device Brand Sales

4.2    Streaming Media Device Brand Usage

5.0    Industry Trends and Innovation

5.1    Dual-Purpose STBs

5.1.1 Pay-TV Apps on Streaming Devices

5.1.2 Discovery and Interface Software

5.1.3 IPTV STBs

5.1.4 The Pay-TV Perspective

5.2    TV Software

5.3    4K/UHD

5.4    Winning in the Marketplace

5.4.1 Consumer Adoption

5.4.2 Business Strategies

6.0    Streaming Media Device Forecast

6.1    Methodology

6.2    Global Forecast

7.0    Implications


U.S. Households with Internet-Connected CE
U.S. Households with Internet-Connected CE by Age Group
Home Entertainment Product Adoption
Percent of BB HH Connecting CE Devices to the Internet
Most Frequently Used Connected CE Device
Percent of Device Connected to the Internet
Total Numbers of Connected CE Devices in Use
Reasons for Using a Connected CE Device More than Others
Reasons for Using a Connected CE Device More than Others by Device Category
Video Content Watched on Most Used Connected CE Device
Percentage of Broadband Households with a Pay-TV Service Subscription
Pay TV Subscription Trends (2010 - 2014)
Examples of Industry Players and Products
2013 Purchases of Streaming Media Devices by Brand
Percent of Purchase Trends for Roku and Apple TV
Why Roku Outsells Apple in the U.S.
2013 Purchases of Streaming Media Devices by Brand, Including Google Chromecast
Reasons for Using a Streaming Media Device Brand
Brand of Streaming Media Device Used Most Often
Google Chromecast Usage
Time Warner Cable App on Roku Device
Fan TV Interface with TWC Programming
Potential Android TV Interface
Service Differentiation Elements
Streaming Media Device Features Comparison
2013 Online Sales for the Top 14 E-Commerce Retailers
Streaming Media Device Forecast Methodology
Global Streaming Media Device Unit Sales Forecast
Regional Streaming Media Device Unit Sales Forecast
Regional Streaming Media Device Unit Sales Growth Trends Forecast
U.S. Streaming Media Device Unit Sales Forecast
U.S. Streaming Media Device BB HH Penetration Forecast

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