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Q3 2011

Industry Report

Advertising Strategies on Connected TVs

This report provides an early assessment of the U.S. connected TV advertising market. The report evaluates the main connected TV advertising business segments, assesses connected TV device usage, reviews connected TV advertising strategies, and examines the revenue potential for the emerging ad medium. The study concludes with a presentation of the strategic opportunities and market challenges for industry investors.


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The Bottom Line

Data Points

Key Players in Connected TV Development

Research Summary

Purpose of Report & Research Scope

Research Approach

Connected TV Advertising Market Highlights: Sizing the Market & Profiling User

Categorizing Connected Devices

Connected Device Ownership and Usage Trends

Connected TV Device Manufacturers

The Role of the Pay-TV Service Provider

Engaging Audiences through Connected TV Platforms: Profiles of Key Players in Connected TV Advertising & Branded Experiences

The Revenue Opportunity

Connected TV Advertising Business and Pricing Models

Impact of Connected TV Advertising on Advanced TV and Online Video Advertising Markets

Driving Changes in Advertising

Resource Book

Glossary of Terms

Company Profiles

Key Players in Connected TV Development
Categorizing Connected Devices
Smart TV Households by Country
Smart TV Ownership: 2011-2015
Connected TV Devices and Active Connections
Connected TV Content Types
Content Use by Demographic Segments
Connected Game Console Content Use
Connected Blu-Ray Player Content Use
Digital Media Receiver Content Use
Ad Solutions and the Leading Smart TV Manufacturers
Ad Solutions and the Leading Digital Media Receivers
Pay-TV Providers and Content Access Solutions
A New TV Advertising Medium: The Connected TV Platform
Major Connected TV Application Platforms & Developers
Leading Connected TV Content Management/Delivery Platforms Focused on Advertising
U.S. Advanced TV and Online Video Advertising Revenue: 2011-2015
Advanced Advertising Glossary of Terms
Company Profiles: Smart TV Manufacturers
Company Profiles: Digital Media Receivers
Company Profiles: Connected TV Applications Developers & Platforms

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