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The Smart Money: Residential Trends and Consumer Insights

Parks Associates's latest research shows 31% of U.S. households have a home security system and about 10% of all U.S. households have DIY-installed systems.
These statistics, based on research conducted by Parks Associates, indicate a significant level of adoption and interest in home security among American consumers.

Nearly all security systems available today come equipped with interactive features, providing users with basic remote control and app functionality; in fact, Parks Associates research shows more than three-quarters of security systems currently in use can be controlled remotely from a computer or mobile device. This percentage is expected to rise further as older legacy monitoring systems, which lack connectivity, are phased out by security companies.

According to research by Parks Associates, one of the primary reasons consumers cancel professionally monitored security services is the belief that the monthly fees are too expensive. 

Parks Associates forecasts that revenues professionally installed monitored security will reach 28 billion by 2025. Consumer interest in security solutions is high, and the market continues to evolve, with an increased focus on affordable, user-friendly options.

Technology Affinity By Security Monitoring Services

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From the article, "The Smart Money: Residential Trends and Consumer Insights" by Elizabeth Parks

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