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Increasing Customer Retention – Insights from WarnerMedia

Parks Associates’ Future of Video: OTT, PayTV, and Digital Media continues on Thursday, March 31 with the virtual session Video Distribution Strategies from 11 AM to 1:30 PM CT. This session will address new video distribution strategies from a distribution perspective as consumer expectations of how, when, and where they can consume OTT video have changed. Prior to the session, Melissa de la Rama, Vice President, Distribution, WarnerMedia, provided insights on how HBO Max is using partnerships to maximize content offerings and provide a premium user experience. 

What strategies are OTT players using to retain customers?

For HBO Max, we work with our partners to highlight the strength of our content - the depth and breadth of our programming, what’s coming soon, and what you’re likely to watch next so that subscribers stay engaged. We believe our content is our biggest differentiator and we work strategically to ensure we’re constantly showcasing the most relevant content for their audiences. We also try to increase the duration of support on platform for our series throughout its season. This can be difficult with the limited merchandising space available, but we try to work with our partners to promote more than just the premiere, but callout any important episodes mid-season, as well as try to secure support for the finale. And, we ensure we’re leveraging platform-specific enhancements that increase retention such as making sure HBO Max works with personalization on platform like a “continue watching” feature. I look forward to discussing how we find success working with our distribution partners as the executive spotlight session speaker at Future of Video hosted by Parks Associates.

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