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Residential Security

Q3 2017

Industry Report

Competition in Residential Security

Growth in the residential security market and its position as the leading channel for smart home solutions have attracted numerous new entrants. Telecoms, cable operators, and CE manufacturers are joining traditional security players as they compete to fulfill consumer demand for safety and security. This report analyzes the changing competitive landscape of the professionally monitored arena and assesses key industry trends. In sum, this report provides a working knowledge of today’s U.S. residential security system market, its players, and the market dynamics affecting the industry.


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1.0    Report Summary

1.1  Purpose of Report

1.2  Scope of Report

1.3  Research Approach/Sources

2.0    Professionally Monitored Residential Security Market Trends

2.1  Self-Installation (DIY)

2.2  Interactive Services

2.3  Smart Home Products as Substitutes for Classical Security

2.4  Technology Advancements and Disruptions

2.5  Margin Pressure

2.6  Market Expansion

3.0    Competitive Analysis of Professionally Monitored Players

3.1  National Dealers

3.1.1     Traditional Security




3.1.2     Multiple Service Operator

Comcast Xfinity

AT&T Digital Life

3.2  Regional Dealers

3.3  Local Dealers

4.0    Implications and Recommendations

5.0    Appendix

5.1  Glossary

5.2  Index

Companies Interviewed or Researched
Professional Monitoring Service Subscription (2014-2016)
Installation Method of Security Systems (2014-2016)
Professional Monitoring with Interactive Services
Example of SAC Formula
Annual Equipment & Monitoring Revenue (2013-2017)
Market Expansion Strategies
Professional Monitoring Subscriber U.S. Share 2016
Vivint Subscribers
Vivint Attrition Rate
Net Promoter Score of Home Service Providers
Competitive Metrics - National/Regional/Local
ADT’s Geographic Share
National Provider’s Geographic Share
Cable Provider’s Geographic Share
Telco Provider Geographic Share
Top Reasons to Offer Interactive Services to Customers
Important Company Attributes

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