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Q1 2009

Industry Report

Disease Management Industry and High-Tech Adoption

This report examines the current state of the disease management industry, highlights the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, and discusses technology’s role in driving innovations in new care management models.


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The Bottom Line

1.0   Notes on Methodology, Definition, and Scope

1.1 Methodology

1.2 Definition

1.3 Scope of Research

2.0   Disease Management: An Overview

2.1 Growth of Disease Management Services (1998-2008)

2.2 Prevailing Service Models and Impact on Healthcare Delivery

3.0   Challenges and Opportunities

3.1 The Hits and Misses: ROI Controversy

3.2 Wellness and Fitness Management

3.3 The Resurgence of the Medical Home Model

3.4 Pay-for-Performance

3.5 The Internet’s Impact

4.0   Technology Adoption in the DM Industry

4.1 Predictive Modeling and Data Mining Applications

4.2 Telehealth Applications

4.3 Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

4.4 Personal Health Records and Other Internet Applications

5.0   DM Industry Forecasts, Implications and Recommendations

5.1 Market Forecast

5.2 Implications and Recommendations

Resource Book

1.0   Disease Management Industry Background & Facts

2.0   Company Profiles

2.1 Cardiocom

2.2 Enhanced Care Initiatives

2.3 Healthways

2.4 Health Dialog

2.5 Health Management Corporation (HMC)

2.6 Ideal Life

2.7 Inverness Medical Innovations

2.8 LifeMasters Supported SelfCare, Inc.

2.9 U.S. Preventive Medicine

2.10 XL Health

A Booming Period: Disease Management Revenue Growth (1995-2008)
Disease Management Industry in Consolidation (2006-2008)
U.S. Disease Management Vendor Market Share Based on Revenues
Disease Management Process
Independent Vendors for Corporate Wellness Service Market
Impact of Pay-for-Performance Initiative on the DM Industry
Technology’s Role in Disease Management Process
Health Monitoring Technology Adoption by DM Firms
Wireless Home Health Monitoring Technology and Service Models
Home Diagnostic Testing Technology Used in DM Programs
New Care Management Tools on the Internet
Online DM Tools from Insurers
Online DM Tools from Entrepreneurs
Revenue Forecast Model
DM Industry Personal Health Technology Revenue Forecast (Chart)
DM Industry Personal Health Technology Revenue Forecast (Table)
Healthways’ DM Process Model

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