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Q1 2019

Quantified Consumer

Smart Home Ecosystems: Driving the Smart Home Forward

Partnerships are essential to providing a truly seamless user experience, yet manufacturers are faced with the substantial challenge of integrating with a growing number of smart home platforms, each with its own integration requirements and restrictions. Smart home platforms must consider what new product categories and specific brands to integrate with as the breadth of new smart home devices expands. This research quantifies the adoption of smart home platforms, and consumer preferences for integration and cross-product use cases.


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Consumer Analytics: Smart Home Devices and Services

Executive Summary

Industry Insight


Key Findings and Market Impact

Overview of Smart Home Ecosystems

Ecosystem Definitions

Smart Home Ecosystems (Q2/18)

Overlap of Smart Home Ecosystems (Q2/18)

Smart Home Ecosystems by Age (Q2/18)

Smart Home Ecosystems by Household Income (Q2/18)

Smart Home Ecosystems by Children at Home (Q2/18)

Smart Speaker Ecosystem

Adoption of Voice Assistant App (Q2/18)

Adoption of Smart Speaker with Voice Assistant (Q2/18)

Home Security Ecosystem

Home Security System Ownership Among Hub Types (Q2/18)

Professional Monitoring Service Subscription (Q2/18)

Professional Monitoring Service Provider Type (Q2/18)

Professional Monitoring Security System Providers (Q2/18)

Age of Home Security System (Q2/18)

Home Control System Ecosystem

Ownership of Paid Smart Home Control System (Q2/18)

Length of Home Control System Ownership (Q2/18)

Smart Home Devices within the Ecosystems

Smart Safety & Security Device Ownership by Ecosystem (Q2/18)

Smart Energy & Misc. Device Ownership by Ecosystem (Q2/18)

Intention to Buy Smart Safety & Security Devices by Ecosystems (Q2/18)

Intention to Buy Smart Energy & Misc. Devices by Ecosystem (Q2/18)

Smart Home Device Preferences

Value of Devices in the Household by Ecosystem (Q2/18)

Familiarity With Smart Home  Control Technologies by Ecosystem (Q2/18)

Importance of Device Interoperation With Smart Home Hubs (Q2/18)

Importance of Smart Home Control Technologies by Ecosystem (Q2/18)

Method of Controlling Smart Home Devices Among Owners (Q2/18)

Preferred Method of Controlling Smart Home Devices Among Intenders (Q2/18)

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