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Q2 2019

Quantified Consumer

My Next Home: Demand for Smart Homes and Smart Apartments

How do smart home products, systems, and related services factor into consumers’ decision making when selecting a new residence? This research quantifies consumer demand for smart products in their next residence. It examines the unique needs of consumers living in multifamily homes and examines the different use cases and drivers for smart home devices and systems among residents of multifamily dwellings and their business model preferences. It also explores how home ownership or renting impacts the smart home value proposition.


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Consumer Analytics: Smart Home Devices and Services Track

Key Questions Answered

Survey Methodology

Defining Heads of Broadband Households

Definitions and Abbreviations

Reading Parks Associates Charts

Executive Summary

Industry Insight

Key Findings and Market Impact

Smart Product Adoption

Smart Home Device Ownership (2014 - 2018)

Total Average # of Smart Home Devices* Owned Per BB HH (2015 - 2018)

Smart Energy & Misc. Device Ownership (2014 - 2018)

Smart Safety & Security Device Ownership (2014 - 2018)

Smart Home Device Ownership Segments (Q4/18)

Homeownership (Q4/18)

Homeownership by Residence Type (Q4/18)

Smart Home Device Ownership by Type of Residence (Q4/18)

Home Control Ownership by Type of Residence and Homeownership (Q4/18)

Smart Home Purchase Intentions and Considerations

Overall Smart Home Device Purchase Intention (2016 - 2018)

Smart Home Device Purchase Intentions (2018)

Smart Home Device Purchase Intention by Type of Residence (Q4/18)

Importance of Smart Home Device Purchase Considerations (2017-2018)

Smart Home Devices: Purchase Inhibitors (2017-2018)

Smart Home Device Purchase Inhibitors by Type of Residence (Q4/18)

Most Appealing Purchase Option by Type of Residence (Q4/18)

Homeowners and Renters: Likelihood of Moving

Likelihood of Moving by Type of Residence (Q4/18)

Likelihood of Moving by Homeownership (Q4/18)

Occurrence of Specified Life Events by Homeownership (Q4/18)

Advice From Real Estate Agent for Selling a House (Q4/18)

Key Considerations For New Home Selection

Very Important Factors for Home Renting/Purchase by Type of Residence (Q4/18)

High Importance of Having Smart Home Device Installed in House by Demographics (Q4/18)

High Importance of Home Improvement Features in Next Home by Type of Residence/ Residence Area (Q4/18)

Home Improvement Features Influencing House Selection by Residence Segments/ Residence Area (Q4/18)

Willingness to Pay More for Home Improvement Features by Residence Segments/Residence Area (Q4/18)

Home Preference with Smart Home Devices by Residence Segment (Q4/18)

Home Preference with Smart Home Devices or Home Improvement Features by Residence Area (Q4/18)

Reasons for Unwillingness to Pay for Home Improvement Features by Residence Segments (Q4/18)

Preference of a Move-in Ready House with Specified Features by Residence Segments (Q4/18)

High Likelihood of Purchasing Add-on Packages as Part of Mortgage Payment by Residence Segment (Q4/18)

Preferred Approach to Acquiring Smart Home Devices by Residence Segments (Q4/18)

Smart Home Service Preferences

Preferred Platforms to Interact with Smart Home Devices by Residence Segments (Q4/18)

Most Appealing Methods for Smart Home Device Installation (Q4/18)

Most Appealing Technical Support Services for Smart Home Devices by Residence Type (Q4/18)

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