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Q2 2023


Data and Privacy Protections: Building a Trusted Smart Home

Smart home device owners and those who are most likely to adopt these products report much higher rates of data privacy and security incidents than other consumers.

This segment is concerned about hackers as well as technology companies in the protection of their data and privacy, and consumer trust is now a key differentiator for players in the connected home space.

This webinar provides insight into the changing relationship that brands and service providers now have with consumers, where security protections are part of doing business and solutions can be easy, seamless, and can ultimately help strengthen the long-term customer relationship. Webinar speakers highlight new ways to build trust with customers, including education on MFA and software updates, communication on privacy policies, and delivering simple support and onboarding processes to customers.

Parks Associates’ research finds 72% of smart home product owners are concerned with the security of the personal data that is collected and transmitted by their smart home products. This webinar shares strategies to build consumer trust and help combat identity theft, fraud, and invasive data collection.


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