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Q3 2023

Industry Report

IoT and Automation in Multifamily Housing: Players and Market Growth

This report examines current adoption of smart products in multifamily properties. It also explores the key challenges involved in servicing this market and profiles market leaders.


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Executive Summary

Key Findings: Top Pain Points Among MDUs

Key Findings: Technology Adoption

Key Findings: Market Evolution and Business Priorities

IoT in the Multifamily Industry

Top Drivers of IoT Adoption for MDUs

Technologies Used and NPS Among Property Managers, on Their Largest Property

Usage of App & Website Portal by MDU Residents

Smart Apartment Applications: Unified or Separate?

MDU Roadmaps: What’s Coming, What’s Next

Understanding Multifamily Pain Points

Top Concerns of MDUs

Common Pain Points in Deployment

Addressing Deployment Pain Points

Common Pain Points in Operations


Networking in Multifamily Properties

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Challenges

Technology Enabling New Use Cases

Property Differentiators for Future Home Among MDU Residents

Self-Reported Adoption of In-Unit Property-Provided Devices by MDU Residents

Managed Wi-Fi and Managed Bulk Wi-Fi

Access Control

Utility management and disaster prevention solutions

Predictive and preventative maintenance

Other Emerging Use Cases

Market Leading Vendors

Priorities When Choosing Vendors of Internet-Connected Devices

Smart Apartment Aggregator Platforms

Managed Wi-Fi Providers – MDU Specialists

Access Control Solutions

MDU Market Sizing

Apartments by Units in Structure (#M Units)

Condos by Units in Structure (#M Units)

Apartment by Building Types (#M Units)

Condos by Building Types (#M Units)

Amenities and Features Provided by Community

Apartment Residential Units with Smart Amenities



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