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Q1 2016

Industry Report

The Evolution of Home Energy Management

Home energy management can take many forms. Smart meters enable numerous energy management services, smart products expand the potential for the number of devices that can be managed, and digital engagement of HEM customers continues to create new benefits for the end user. This report describes how technology will drive the evolution of home energy management.


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1.0      Report Summary

1.1  Purpose of Report

1.2  Scope of Report

1.3  Research Approach/Sources

1.4  Key Questions Addressed

2.0      Consumer Drivers of Energy Management

2.1  Conservation / Energy Independence

2.2  Cost Avoidance / Return on Investment

2.3  Convenience, Protection and Comfort

3.0      Technology and Policy Drivers of Energy Management

3.1  Disaggregation

3.2  Energy Modeling

3.3  Solar Technology

3.4  Distributed Generation Policy

3.5  Battery Storage Technology

4.0      Business Model Drivers of Energy Management

4.1  Utility Demand Response Programs

4.2  Pricing-Based Demand Response

4.3  Energy Market Participation

5.0      Industry Drivers of Home Energy Management

5.1  Energy Utilities

5.2  Retail Energy Providers

5.3  Smart Home / Security Providers

5.4  Smart Thermostat Manufacturers

5.5  Distributed Generation and Storage Industry

5.6  Comprehensive Energy Management System Integrators

6.0      Evolution of Home Energy Management Solutions

7.0      Forecast

7.1  Forecast Methodology and Assumptions

7.2  Forecast

8.0      Implications and Recommendations

9.0      Appendix

9.1  Glossary

9.2  Index

9.3  Image Sources

HEMS Ecosystem
Reasons for Residential Electricity Plan Changes
Relative Value of Features
Ownership of Energy Efficient Products
Average Electric Bill (2010-2014)
Smart Energy Device Savings (2010-2014)
Smart Energy Device Adoption Rate
Smart Energy Devices Purchased from Security Provider
Disaggregation Company Profiles
Energy Modeling Company Profiles
Anticipated Impact of Variable Rate Plans on Electric Bill
Incentives That Increase Willingness to Adopt a Variable Rate Plan
Profiles of Energy Aggregators
Home Energy Management Ecosystem
Electric Utility Company Profiles
Electricity Plan Characteristics
Battery Storage Company Profiles
Residential Storage Electronics Company Profiles
Future Electric Grid Terminology
Forecast Model
Forecast of Smart Thermostat Sales by Channel, 2012-2019
Forecast of Smart Thermostats Sold with Security Systems, 2012-2019
Forecast of Professionally Monitored Security Systems with Home Controls, 2014-2019

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