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The Promise of the Smart Home

The Promise of the Smart Home


About The Episode

In this episode, we will listen in on an interactive panel from a recent session of our CONNECTIONS virtual series, which is our executive conference is focused on the connected home and IoT devices.

The topic is The Promise of the Smart Home.

The panel moderator is Parks Associate's VP of research, Jennifer Kent, and panelists dive into consumer preferences for smart home control and UI, trends in interoperability and standards, and partnership alignments that drive ecosystem compatibility for an ever-growing array of products.

The voices you will hear during this episode come from:

Aaron Emigh, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Brilliant

Scott Harkins, Vice President Sales and Channel Marketing, Resideo

Steve Herbert, Director of Global Business Development, Samsung

Raman Sidhu, VP Product, Xfinity Home and Connectivity, Comcast 

Wilco van Hoogstraeten, Director, Qorvo

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