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CONNECTIONS™ sessions offer a mix of market research, analysis, and industry insight. This approach is unique among conferences and necessary to capture the complexity and see the opportunities in these interconnected markets. Contact Parks Associates with questions.

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Virtual Sessions

Mar 2 2023  New Market Segments: Consumers and the Smart Home

Jul 20 2023  New Era of Home Services

Oct 5 2023  State of the Home Security Market

2023 In-person Conference | MAY 23-25, Omni Hotel, Frisco, Texas - colocated with Connected Health Summit

May 23  Pre-show Research Workshop: Modern Living


May 24  Modern Living: Technology

May 25  Market Expansion

May 23-25 | Omni Frisco Hotel

Tuesday, May 23

Pre-show Research Workshop: Growing Demand for Home Technology

9:30 AM

Registration Open

10:00 AM

Welcome: State of the Connected Home

Parks Associates research team provides an update on market shifts in 2023, the adoption of connected devices, including smart home, entertainment, healthy and energy devices. This opening presentation features research from the firm’s survey work of 10,000 internet US households.

10:30 AM

Industry Roundtable - Beyond Security: Video Analytics Driving New Opportunities

AI and advanced video verification technologies are changing the landscape for video security devices. The new capabilities create more context to understand scenarios and determine the best ways to respond. This session highlights the many new use cases and capabililties for video technologies in the home.

Peter Giacalone, President, Giacalone Associates

Troy Iverson, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, A Becklar Company

Andreas Rudyk, CEO, Smartfrog & Canary Group

11:15 AM

Research Presentation - Demand Response, EVs, and the Smart Home

Consumers are interested in saving energy and understanding what actions can be taken to reduce energy consumption. This session highlights current adoption of energy devices and the implications for the future of energy as utilties and the government seek to reduce the load on the grid through renewable energy resources and demand response.

11:30 AM

Research Presentation - Demand for Connected Health at Home

Consumers continue to adopt connected devices. Now, 51% of US households have a least one connected health device. There is growing familiarity and use of telehealth and virtual care as a result of the pandemic. In addition, remote patient monitoring solutions are creating new opportunities for more patient-centric care. This research presentation highlights consumer adoption of and interest in new health to home solutions.

11:45 AM

Q&A with Parks Associates Research Analysts

Join the Parks Associates team for a short Q&A sessions where attendees can ask questions about research or industry developments presented in the morning.

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Research Presentation - Multifamily and SMB: Growing Opportunities

New applications and services stemming from IoT platforms are enabling small-to-medium business (SMB) and MDU owners and managers to have greater insight into the metrics and real-time analytics of their properties. The integration of new tech also provides great value to the end user and enables monitoring across ecosystems in a business or multi-tenant building.

1:30 PM

Serving Seniors: Technology-based Solutions

The growing senior population will rely on technology solutions to help with healthcare, communications, and living independently as long as possible. This session addresses the growing demand for technology solutions in the home to help caregivers and seniors enhance safety and security, track important health metrics, and communicate with care providers.

2:15 PM

Research Presentation - Home Security Solutions: New Market View

Safety and security have long been the top value propositions for the smart home market. Now, players are expanding on the peace-of-mind concept to end users with new applications of familiar technologies and service models. This research presentation highlights current adoption of home security solutions and market growth.

2:45 PM

Closing Comments

Parks Associates wraps up the research workshop with final comments before the opening session.


3:00 PM

Welcome and Opening Comments: State of the Connected Home

Parks Associates welcomes attendees and provides opening comments on the state of the market and future of technology for consumers at home and at work.

3:15 PM

Nimbio - Smart Spaces sponsorOpening Session: Building Connected Home Services

Most connected home product categories have been rising steadily in perceived value as prices fall and the adoption rates and installed base grow. Connectivity and integration of devices enable data to be shared and create new value through services delivered. This session highlights the role of broadband, hardware, software, and security solutions in building connected home services across energy, security, and controls. This session provides insights from key players in the smart home ecosystem.

Jim Conti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nimbio

Bruce Mungiguerra, CEO, Riverbend Sandler Pools

4:15 PM


4:45 PM

Nice - CONNECTIONS sponsorCreating Whole-Home Control and Experience

Security system apps continue to be the most common tool for controlling multiple smart home products, but consumers also look to the CE and tech giants as a control point for devices in the home. This session highlights the key channels that have an opportunity to provide a whole-home experience, incorporating security, smart home, energy, and entertainment devices across a unified platform.

Paul Williams, Chief Product Officer, Nice North America

5:45 PM

Opening Reception

Parks Associates welcomes conference attendees for networking and refreshments following the day’s sessions.

Wednesday, May 24

Modern Living: Technology

7:30 AM

Registration Open

7:30 AM

Cooktop Safety - CONNECTIONS SponsorContinental Breakfast
Sponsored by Cooktop Safety

8:30 AM

Welcome: Evolution of the Connected Home

Consumers are embracing connected devices at a slow and steady pace; in addition, broadband speeds are increasing as over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services are now a key way people watch live and entertainment video. This opening presentation from Parks Associates highlights the role of connectivity, platforms, connected devices .and new services in consumer and business environments.

8:45 AM

Cox Communities - Smart Spaces sponsorBroadband, Value- Added Services, and Modern Living

The home broadband market is growing at the fastest rate in well over a decade, and Parks Associates forecasts that by the end of 2025, approximately 93% of US households will have a broadband subscription — either fixed or mobile. The home network is a critical point of visibility and control for all smart home, computing, entertainment, health, and other consumer electronic devices. The home network also has the potential to enable a new dimension of value by offering integrated applications. This session addresses the growth of value-added services and role of connectivity in the home.

9:45 AM


10:15 AM

Ivani - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Break
Sponsored by Ivani


10:45 AM

The Energy Consumer: Meeting and Driving Demand for Renewables

Energy companies are highly motivated to invest in solutions that provide more energy efficiency and automation in homes. This becomes increasingly important with net zero-goals set by utilities. Smart home technology offers smart energy value for utilities. That can be realized via integration into a wide range of energy-efficiency programs that incentivize customers to save energy. This session provides insight into the future of energy and smart home technologies.

11:45 AM

Tackling Pain Points: Returns, Support, and Privacy

The concerns over data invasion and security are not felt solely by prospective purchasers but carry over to current device users as well, impacting not only how they use their smart home devices but also their propensity to purchase additional smart home devices. In addition, the set up, ease of installation, warranty, and whether the product meets expectations and works are all critical to the experience. This session addresses how companies are working to ensure a “delightful” experience for their smart home customers.

12:15 PM

Networking Lunch

1:15 PM

Research Presentation: Smart Appliances

Consumers still see smart appliances as an expensive purchase, with 46% reporting price as one of the major reasons for not purchasing a smart appliance. This research presentation highlights Parks Associates’ consumer and industry data on the smart appliance market, including builder perspectives.

1:30 PM

Insurance: Protecting the Home and Proving the ROI

Insurance discounts are the #2 motivator to get greenfield buyers into smart home. Insurance policies give consumers peace of mind about their home, and smart home devices can extend the property owners’ ability to protect their home as an asset. This session addresses how smart security products and systems are working with insurance to save billions of dollars through proactive monitoring, detection, and deterrence for burglary, home, and fire damage.

Geoff Martin, President & Co-Founder, vipHomeLink

2:15 PM

New Business Models: Everything as a Service

In the next phase of smart home development, reliable connectivity and basic interoperability between products are going to be standard. Manufacturers will leverage these benefits to differentiate their product lines, find competitive advantages, and create new value for the user. This session addresses how industry players will deliver on the smart home promise through partnerships, expanded distribution channels, and intelligence derived from sensors that will increasingly expand and personalize services, which will in turn generate recurring revenue.

2:45 PM

Networking Break

3:15 PM

Seniors, Caregivers, and Independent Living Solutions

When considering solutions, independent seniors are interested in solutions that can be added to their current home and are self-monitored. Preferences are evenly split between home-based systems and wearable systems. Seniors purchasing solutions for themselves look first to independent living solutions specialists, then to solutions providers, health insurers, and retailers. This session addresses tech solutions for seniors and caregivers, with a special look at purchase channels and growth in PERS.

Jean Anne Booth, CEO, UnaliWear

Kevin Jameson, Volunteer President | Founder, Dementia Society of America

Brock Winzeler, President, Freeus, A Becklar Company

4:15 PM


ECG - Connected Health Summit keynote

Anthony Dohrmann

Founder and CEO

ECG - Electronic Caregiver


4:45 PM

Integrating Data: Sensors, Standards, and Value

Devices with video and audio data capture capacity are the fastest-growing smart home categories, and analytics are improving due to more powerful edge components (chipsets) or more effective and efficient cloud interactions. This session addresses the opportunities for growth as a result of advanced technologies embedded in devices.

Justin McKinney, CEO & Co-Founder, Ivani

5:30 PM

Networking Reception

Thursday, May 25

Market Expansion

7:30 AM

Registration Open

7:30 AM

Nimbio - CONNECTIONS SponsorNetworking Breakfast
Sponsored by Nimbio

8:15 AM

Opening Comments: What Channels are Driving Growth

The buying experience for consumers and smart home products is fractured, but the many choices, including DIY and pro install options, have helped expand the market. This session provides highlights of Parks Associates data on the different channels selling smart home solutions: retail, home security, energy, and insurance.

8:30 AM

What’s Driving Growth in the Smart Home?

The standard smart home buyer journey today is via retail, often one device at a time. But many consumers start with a home security system and are adding smart home devices to extend applications and value. This session brings industry leaders together to talk about what channels are driving the biggest growth for smart home solutions.

9:15 AM


Duke Energy - CONNECTIONS keynote

Lon Huber

SVP, Pricing & Customer Solutions

Duke Energy Corporation


9:45 AM

Networking Break

10:15 AM

CSA - Smart SpacesConnecting the Smart Home & Joining Ecosystems
Sponsored by CSA

A unified smart home experience is the holy grail of convenience and value for consumers, but fragmentation and interoperability issues have hindered the early development for the smart home. Industry players have been building standards for decades, and the new Matter standard provides a possible solution that serves an enormous number of stakeholders in the smart home marketplace, including solution providers, manufacturers, and consumers. This session features industry leaders’ insights on partnerships, opportunities, and challenges.

11:00 AM

Special Session

Rapid Response Monitoriing - CONNECTIONS Keynote

Morgan Hertel
VP of Technology and Innovation
Rapid Response Monitoring


11:30 AM


Smasung SmartThings Keynote - CONNECTIONS

Mark Benson

Head of SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings


12:00 PM

Networking Lunch

1:00 PM

Research Presentation: Defining the Smart Home

Join Parks Associates for a special presentation explaining key definitions of the connected home and categories tracked over decades. The team shares special insights into methodology and household data.

1:15 PM

Selling Peace of Mind: Safety and Security

Consumer demand for Wi-Fi devices like smart cameras and video doorbells will only increase over time. Integration capabilities across smart home devices and security systems create a stickier customer base that is engaged with their system. Security dealers can expand beyond the perimeter of the home with new solutions, including vehicle monitoring and personal emergency services. This session highlights the new role security players have in the home as consumers add more and more connected devices.

2:15 PM

Power of Tech: Enabling Accessibility & Independence

2:45 PM

Funding the Connected Solutions: View from Investors

In the last 10 years of development, the smart home market has established important foundations for future growth. In 2023 and beyond, solution creators have the necessary ingredients to deliver on the promise of the vision of the smart home where the sum – an intelligent, integrated, helpful home – is greater than the individual parts. This session brings experts from the industry to share their perspectives on where the next stage of growth and investments are coming from.

3:30 PM

Closing Comments


Thursday, July 20

New Era of Home Services

2:00 PM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight

2:15 PM CT

Fireside Chat: Visionary Spotlight

2:45 PM CT

Nice - CONNECTIONS sponsor

Smart Home Platforms: Unifying the Experience

3:45 PM CT

Closing Comments



Thursday, October 5

State of the Home Security Market

12:00 PM CT

Welcome, Analyst Insight, and Panel: State of the Home Security Market

12:15 PM CT

Monitoring Services: Lifetime Customer Value

1:15 PM CT

Closing Comments


Past Sessions

Thursday, March 2

New Market Segments: Consumers and the Smart Home

Consumers continue to expect more tech in the home that provides convenience, safety and security, and energy management solutions. This session brings together leaders talking about the evolution of the smart home and where the market is expanding to capture the next generation of smart home buyers.

10:00 AM CT

Alarm.com - CONNECTIONS Sponsor

Energizing a Smarter Home: Solar and Security, sponsored by Alarm.com

This session addresses the role of energy management solutions, driven by solar and storage, in forming the next generation of services in the connected home. Speakers discuss strategies that integrate solar, security, and smart home and how this combination can lower attrition, deliver short- and long-term energy savings, and keep consumers engaged with positive experiences among all home systems.

Brendan Armstrong Sr., President & Owner, Trinity Wiring & Security Solutions

Shawn Barry, VP Strategic Sales, Alarm.com

Clint Cushing, CEO, Nomo Hub

Jason Dudley, Director, Product Development and Implementation, GreenMarbles

Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, President & CMO, Parks Associates

11:00 AM CT

Welcome and Analyst Insight

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates

11:15 AM CT

Strategies for Attracting New Buyers

Marketing to consumers has become a battle for attention. How consumers research and purchase products has changed dramatically in the past five years. This session brings insight from various companies reaching new consumer segments including marketing strategies, incentives, and educational information about smart home solutions.

Nick English, CEO North America, Kaadas Smart Door Locks

Scott Ford, Founder & CEO, Pepper IoT

Warren Hill, VP, Marketing, Alula

Moderator: Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates

12:00 PM CT

Executive Q&A Fireside Chat

Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates

Elizabeth Parks, President & CMO, Parks Associates

12:30 PM CT

Channel Expansion: Where’s the Growth Coming From

Energy, insurance, retailers, security dealers, and custom home systems providers all sell smart home solutions. This session addresses the fragmentation in the market with distribution of products and what companies are doing to integrate across product ecosystems in the home to make a more seamless, unified experience for consumers.

Aaron Emigh, CEO and Co-Founder, Brilliant

Mitchell Klein, Director, Alliances Strategy, Silicon Labs; Executive Director, Z-Wave Alliance LLC

Benjamin Myers, National Sales Manager- RAS, Kwikset

Stefan Witkamp, Founder, Commercial Director, Athom, maker of Homey

Matt Wootton, Co-Founder and CTO, Ivani

Moderator: Elizabeth Parks, President & CMO, Parks Associates

1:30 PM CT

Closing Comments