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Speaker Submissions

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Complete the form on this page to submit your speaking proposal for CONNECTIONS™ 2016. The submission deadline is February 1, 2016.

The key conference themes:

  • Business Models and New Use Cases
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Innovations Creating New Opportunities
  • Technology Platforms and Services

Please include all the required speaker contact information, including the speaker's email address. Contact Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein at Parks Associates with questions about speaking.

Smart Home Devices: Changing Business Models
Business Models to Engage Consumers in Health; Energy and Smart Home Offerings
New Use Cases for the Smart Home; Meter; Kitchen; and Car
Energy; IoT; and Smart Home Partnerships
Evolution of the User Interface
Smart Home Devices: Privacy and Security
OTT and the Transformation of Pay TV
Risky Business: Piracy and Protecting Content in an OTT World
Consumerization of Healthcare: Trends and Technology
IoT Channel Strategies: Navigating Growth
Personalization: Audience Metrics and Big Data
Reinvention of the CE Industry
Entertainment in Tomorrow’s Gigabit-speed Broadband Home
Wearables and Smart Home Use Cases
Connected Cars: Innovation and New Consumer Experiences
Growth and Investing in the Smart Home
Set-top Boxes and Cloud-based Services – Evolving Content Access
Role of Connected Device Platforms in the Content Ecosystem
Connected Health and Smart Home Platforms
Smartphone: Lifeline for the Connected Consumer
Support Strategies to Integrate Smart Devices in the IoT
Managing the Experience: Connected Everything
Seamless Interoperability: IoT and Smart Home
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