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2015 Speaker Submissions

Complete the form on this page to submit your speaking proposal for CONNECTIONS™ 2015. Submission deadline is February 6, 2015.

The key conference themes:

  • Entertainment, Content Delivery, and Access Services
  • Connected CE Devices and Platforms
  • Smart Home: Security, Controls, Energy, and Smart Devices
  • Innovations Creating New Opportunities

Please include all the required speaker contact information, including the speaker's email address. Contact Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein at Parks Associates with questions about speaking.

Unlocking the Value of Personalization
Profit in the New World of OTT
The Reality of the Second Screen
Original Content and Key Differentiators for Entertainment Services
Multichannel Networks and Emerging Video Alternatives
Evolution of Content Access: Cloud-based Services & Other Innovations
Content Rights and the Reshaping of the Video Industry
Set-top Boxes and New Platforms: What's Next in Hybrid Video
Generating Revenue From OTT Streaming
Streaming as Standard: The New User Experience
Entertainment and the New User Experience
Role of Connected Device Platforms in the Content Ecosystem
4K/UHD TVs: Are They Changing the TV Landscape?
Integrating Smart Products into Smart Home Systems
Internet of Things: Innovations and New Value Propositions
Standards and Interoperability: Creating Competition through Cooperation
Winning Channel Strategies for Smart Home Services
APIs: Extending Functionality for all Connected Devices
Connected Cars: The Next Smart Platform
Commerce Opportunities on Connected Devices
Wearables and Connected Health Opportunities in the Home
Premium Support Services: Connected Devices and IoT
Smart Toys: Engaging the Digital Native Generation
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