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State of Home Security Market

State of Home Security Market


About The Episode

In this episode, we will listen in on an interactive panel from a recent session of our CONNECTIONS virtual series, which is our executive conference is focused on the connected home and IoT devices.

The topic is State of Home Security Market 

The panel moderator is Parks Associate's president, Elizabeth Parks, and panelists dive into the state of the residential security market, talk through critical trends impacting industry stakeholders, and the top opportunities for revenue growth.   

The voices you will hear during this episode come from:

Logan Dunn, Head of Growth, Wyze

Min Kang, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Brinks Home

Jeremy McLerran, Global Director of Marketing, Johnson Controls

Spencer Moore, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Rapid Response Monitoring

Andreas Rudyk, Co-Founder, Smartfrog & Canary

Mark Zimmerman, CEO, RSPNDR

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