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Insights from Racepoint Energy - Energy Providers in the Smart Home

The eleventh annual Smart Energy Summit will take place February 17-19, 2020, at the Omni Downtown in Austin, Texas. The Smart Energy Summit addresses the challenge and opportunity for utilities as consumer adoption of connected products and participation in renewable power generation increases. It also dives in to new approaches and solutions that are using connectivity and data to transform how energy is delivered.

Ahead of the event, we asked Anna Demeo, President of Racepoint Energy, to share her thoughts with us on energy providers in the smart home. Ms. Demeo is a member of Smart Energy Summit's 2020 advisory board.

What can energy providers do move from active participant to an indispensable element of the smart home?
Energy providers have a unique opportunity to increase smart home capabilities for home owners while at the same time improving resiliency and reducing infrastructure cost. Smart Home technology is well matched for utility demand response making it a win-win for providers and consumers.

How can energy providers move the energy management market forward? How can utilities integrate smart home and distributed energy resources into the grid?
Energy monitoring is a key component to increasing energy literacy and activating home owner participation. With wider participation, utilities will be able to aggregate flexible load management through smart home devices and breakers as well as distributed, residential storage.

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