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You can tell Comcast what to do on its Xfinity TV voice remote

Voice’s resurgence seems counter-intuitive. The technology first boomed in the 1990s with voice prompters in customer call centers – not always a satisfying experience as the prompters many times routed callers in the wrong direction. Then nothing happened with voice, until Apple released Siri in 2011, and Amazon followed with Alexa in 2014, experts say.

Dina Abdelrazik, market research analyst at Parks Associates in Dallas, said that in recent years, “voice took the market by surprise. There are other manufacturers that are entering the space to offer voice remotes for a friction-less [TV] experience. But it takes a lot of sophistication and resources to build that capacity.”

From the article "You can tell Comcast what to do on its Xfinity TV voice remote" by Bob Fernandez.

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