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Parks: Fixed Wireless Sees Strong Customer Price Satisfaction

Subscribers of fixed wireless access (FWA) from mobile network operators (MNOs) are more satisfied with the price of service than fiber or cable subscribers, according to fixed wireless satisfaction research from Parks Associates.

The firm found that 66% of subscribers that get 5G or LTE FWA from MNOs consider their prices to be fair or good. This compares to 51% of fiber subscribers and 35% of cable subscribers. In addition, 62% of FWA subscribers feel that it is easy to contact customer service or technical support personnel.

“Consumer attitudes towards fiber internet and MNO FWA are both highly positive, with more consumers confident in fiber than 5G home internet,” said Kristen Hanich, Parks Associates’ Director of Research, in a prepared statement.

“Consumers widely perceive that these internet plans are of a higher quality than existing technologies, including cable. High net promoter scores (NPS) among current subscribers suggest that word-of-mouth is creating favorable perceptions, in addition to advertising and marketing campaigns, which is critical in this era where consumer value perceptions are driving behavior.”

The Parks report, titled “Home Internet Evolution: 5G Competition and Value-Added Services,” was based on a survey of 8,000 Internet households.

From the article, "Parks: Fixed Wireless Sees Strong Customer Price Satisfaction" by Carl Weinschenk

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