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Parks Associates Research Finds 28% of Employees Use AI for Professional Needs

Research featured in Parks Associates’ new Smart Home and Security Tracker reveals 28% of full-time employees and business owners use artificial intelligence (AI) applications for their professional needs, from automating routine tasks to enhancing decision-making processes.

The firm’s Smart Home and Security Tracker “provides insights on the latest industry news and trends, including how the integration of AI is transforming the smart home industry,” according to the Parks Associates announcement.

Jennifer Kent, vice president of research for Parks Associates, is speaking at the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) member meeting in Washington, D.C., on the growing requirements for interoperability, security, and integration between devices and ecosystems for consumer, SMB (small-to-medium business) and multifamily markets.

“AI applications span multiple industries within the connected home,” says Kent in the Parks Associates announcement. “AI-driven smart thermostats can learn user preferences and optimize heating and cooling schedules, while lighting systems adjust brightness and color based on the time of day and occupancy.

“AI-enabled cameras and doorbells provide real-time alerts and facial recognition, enhancing home security. Integrating and enhancing AI-based applications can give manufacturers an edge in a very competitive marketplace,” she says.

“Despite the growing adoption of AI, people have significant concerns regarding its impact and the ability of society to control its development and use—71% of US internet households express worry about society’s ability to control AI and use it responsibly,” the Parks Associates research shows.

“Addressing fears of AI’s misuse or unintended consequences of its use requires transparent practices from AI developers and companies, clear regulations to protect user data and privacy, and public education to demystify AI technologies and their functions,” says Daniel Holcomb, senior analyst, smart home research at Parks Associates, in the announcement.

From the Security Sales & Integration article, "Parks Associates Research Finds 28% of Employees Use AI for Professional Needs"

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