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Parks: 25% of U.S. Internet Households Subscribe to More Than Nine SVOD Services, An All-Time High

New data from Parks Research’s OTT Video Market Tracker shows that service-stacking is at an all-time high. The Dallas-based firm’s quarterly survey of 10,000 internet households found that nearly 25% of respondents reported subscribing to nine or more streaming services in the first quarter (ended March 31). About 50% of surveyed homes have four or more services.

“Service-stacking in the U.S. continues, but there will be a saturation point where households will no longer be willing to add another service and may look to trim back on their number of subscriptions,” Eric Sorensen, senior contributing analyst, said in a statement.

Sorensen said service providers are anticipating this and looking to expand worldwide with content and coverage to boost their global offerings.

From the article, "Parks: 25% of U.S. Internet Households Subscribe to More Than Nine SVOD Services, An All-Time High" by ERIK GRUENWEDEL.

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