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Netflix, Prime Video have most-loyal subscribers, study reveals

Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video, two of the streaming industry’s pioneers, boast the most loyal subscribers, according to a study by research firm Parks Associates.

The evolving streaming landscape sees households experimenting with various services to build their personalized content stacks, notes Eric Sorensen, director of Parks Associates’ Streaming Video Tracker report.

“Households are still experimenting with different services as they evolve over time to build their own service stack,” Sorensen said. “Service consolidation has changed subscription dynamics, as Showtime has become part of Paramount Plus and HBO is now Max, but even as consolidation occurs, it is having a limited effect on churn for these services.”

Sorensen observes that premium service subscriptions, averaging around two years, indicate consumers derive better value from consolidated content, shaping the evolving dynamics of the streaming industry.

From the article, "Netflix, Prime Video have most-loyal subscribers, study reveals" from The Desk

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