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60% Consumers Trust Self-Monitored Home Security, Survey by Parks Associates Reveals

Recent findings from Parks Associates indicate a significant shift in consumer attitudes towards home security, with a majority now leaning towards self-monitored systems over traditional, professionally monitored alternatives. This change comes amidst evolving perceptions of safety and the high costs associated with professional services. Elizabeth Parks, CEO of Parks Associates, highlighted that self-monitoring provides sufficient peace of mind for many, driven by direct notifications of home activities.

According to a comprehensive survey involving 8,000 U.S. internet households, the pivot away from professional monitoring services is largely influenced by financial considerations. A quarter of the respondents cited "fees too high" as their primary reason for cancellation, underscoring the economic barrier posed by professional monitoring.

Elizabeth Parks notes that professional installations are rebounding but still face stiff competition from self-install options.

From the article, "60% Consumers Trust Self-Monitored Home Security, Survey by Parks Associates Reveals" by Salman Akhtar

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