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The Smart Garage Solution Market is Growing, with a Focus on Services

Household data is an important part of Parks Associates proprietary research methodology and is integrated into all of our research work, especially forecasting the adoption of products across households.

Smart access control solutions, including locks, external video devices, and smart garage door openers, are among the leading smart home products; they deliver on the core value propositions of convenience and peace of mind. Parks Associates quarterly research of 10,000 US households shows less than 10% own a smart garage door opener.

Smart garage door openers have been on market for about a decade, with Chamberlain’s MyQ technology leading the market. The overall growth trend for the market is positive, though adoption rates tend to vary seasonally, with slightly higher adoption rates reported in Q4 and slightly lower in Q2. However, all adoption figures from 2020-2022 show growth from the early years of this market.

In-home delivery services continue to grow in use. Currently, 17% of US internet households use, and show high interest, in in-home delivery services. Smart door locks and garage door openers are the top methods by which in-home delivery services gain access to user's homes.

New players from across the smart home industry are entering the garage door opener space, while GDO manufacturers expand their product lines and service offerings.

  1. Garage door opener players expand their product lines. Chamberlain’s myQ suite of solutions now includes an in-garage video camera, external video intercom, and a smart pet portal. Eufy offers a smart garage controller with an integrated camera.
  2. Chamberlain and Genie partner with Walmart for in-garage delivery. Genie began supporting Walmart’s InHome service in 2021. Chamberlain’s new relationship with Walmart adds to its existing delivery service play with Amazon Key. Chamberlain also generates recurring revenue through video storage associated with its in-garage cameras.
  3. Smart GDO pricing had been falling, but inflation drives pricing back up. New competition from value-minded competitors like Wyze and Eufy, and the growing availability of low-cost smart controller accessories, resulted in strong declines in pricing in recent years. However, in 2022, inflation has resulted in average price increases.

Like other smart product categories, garage door solution providers look beyond device sales to recurring service opportunities. For the garage, that means in-home delivery services and video storage today. At the same time, expect more brands to enter the garage market with low-cost Wi-Fi control accessories that are easy expansions to existing smart home portfolios.

This is an excerpt from Parks Associates vast library of research. Smart Garage Door Openers Market Assessment, is a comprehensive view of the smart garage door market. If you are interested in our new research, please contact our team or me today for more info.

Curious about our Proprietary Methodology? Check out Parks Associates Survey Sample & Fielding methodology for this project.

• Data presented in this study are drawn primarily from online surveys conducted Q4 2021, May 2022, and July 2022.

• The Q4 2021 and July 2022 surveys fielded to ~10,000 heads-of-internet households in the United States. This sample was split to show special topic questions to smaller groups. Some questions related to smart garage door openers were asked of a ~5,000 sub-segment of the full sample.

• The May 2022 survey was fielded to 5,076 heads-of-internet households in the United States. This sample was split to show special topic questions to smaller groups. Some questions related to technical support for smart garage door openers were asked of a ~2,500 sub-segment of the full sample.

• Sample sizes are noted on each chart.

• The survey is demographically representative of internet households for the full 10,000 survey results as well as for each ~5,000/2,500-sample sub-group.

• Parks Associates sets demographic quotas for age, gender, household income, and education to insure demographic representative of US households with broadband internet access.  

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